Being Green In Chester Isn’t Easy

Being Green In Chester Isn’t Easy

By Bob Small

Kearni Warren is running for a seat on Chester City Council. If she should somehow win, she would be the first Green Party member to ever sit on Chester City Council. Her main issue is the ever-present environmental environmental racism issue of Covanta i.e. Chester being a dumping grounds for Delco.

Kearni is running to unseat Portia West (D) who she feels has not done enough on the environmental racism issue. However, this has become a three way race as Stefan Roots (D), blogger and Swarthmorean columnist is also opposing her. It would seem two challenger candidates might consider working together but Democrats act as though they are not, historically, allowed to work with Greens on anything. Now if Warren was a Working Party Candidate, or a DSA Candidate…

Kearni is the daughter of the late Rev. Bernice Warren, who served for two decades (until 2016) as Pastor/Director of Chester East Side Ministries.

Kearni stated that Stefan’s win, in the Primary, against incumbent William Jacobs inspired her to run. However, it seems that Stefan, once an insurgent Candidate, is now aligning himself with the Democratic Establishment.

Also, Stefan had almost weekly articles in The Swarthmorean, which we all looked forward to, on the goings on in the City of Chester, These seem to have stopped,at least recently, Also his Campaign Manager, is one Todd Strine, a Philadelphian who is also co-Publisher of, you guessed it, The Swarthmorean.

Kearni is a graduate of Eastern University’s Business Administration program. She has worked in various positions for (SEIUHCPA) Service Employees International Union Healthcare Pennsylvania, and United Home Care Workers of Pennsylvania.

She’s a great believer in the Bible, especially Luke 12:48 ìFrom everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded, and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much will be demanded.î She wants to continue in the Social Justice spirit of her mother.

Though no fan of previous 20th century Chester governments, she stated that “In the 21st Century, we have a constant flow of Democratic Council Members who can’t even get the trash picked up on time, let alone address Chester’s severe social, environmental, and financial pitfalls”

Her electronic presence is at both or on Facebook

Being Green In Chester Isn't Easy

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