Chesco GOP Purge Update

Chesco GOP Purge Update
Donna Ellingsen

Chesco GOP Purge Update — We have been told by Donna Ellingsen, that Chesco GOP solicitor Joel Frank has informed her that the type of inquisition to which she and three other county Republican committee people have been called has only occurred once before in his 16 years.

This is starting to look more and more like a purge. Along with their rubber-meets-the road job of getting out the vote, committee people vote for the county party leaders. The independent-thinking, question-asking types don’t make the party bosses happy in Chester County it seems.

The four are accused of breaking the county GOP bylaws by supporting a candidate against one  endorsed by the party. Committee people are elected. The penalty is removal from office with the county chairman picking the replacement.

Chesco has 454 committee people — one man and one woman from each precinct — divided into 28 districts.

Donna represents Elk Township in Area 19. Among those accused with her is her area chairwoman, Jane Ladley.

Republican turnout in Area 19 is generally higher than the rest of the county.

That any issues couldn’t be resolved with phone calls and private meetings is a strong indication that something more nefarious is afoot than keeping closet Democrats from acquiring party control.

The inquisition is scheduled for 7 p.m., Monday, Jan. 11 at the Republican Headquarters, 15 S. Church St., West Chester, Pa. 19382.

Chesco GOP Purge Update

13 thoughts on “Chesco GOP Purge Update”

  1. Instead of worrying about these 4 committee people, they should be more worried about what Obama is doing with our guns and why Ryan costello’s conservative voting record is around 34 percent. Maybe he needs to be taken in and fired for being down with the democrats.

  2. If we don’t have unity in our party, we are going to lose election after election–just what the left wants.

    It takes two to tanto and to fight. I’d like to hear the other side from someone in the know.

  3. I know Donna Ellingson and will tell you that she is extremely hard-working and genuinely cares about Chester County and Republican values. It is a real shame that a few people in power apparently hope to get rid of her voice. The actions are petty and she does not deserve this.

  4. We have to stop the circular firing squad and the GOP needs to focus on representing the people instead of special interests.

  5. The Republican Party is its own worst enemy. There are hundreds of good, honest, decent people who are willing to work hard to get Republicans elected–unfortunately the party doesn’t want those people–people like Donna Ellingsen–because those people want REPUBLICANS elected and not robots who cater to the special interests of the party. Today’s Republican party is really the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party is the Socialist party. The only way things will be made right is for the Republican establishment types to get back to the basics of what the Republican party is supposed to stand for. I’m tired of people talking about circular firing squads and how Republicans have to work together. All of that is well and good but it starts at the top–not the bottom. Donna Ellingsen understands what Republicans are supposed to stand for and fights for that. For her efforts, she gets hauled before a tribunal of party hacks who only care about maintaining their power base and the status quo.

    1. There are hundreds of good, honest, decent people who are willing to work hard to get Republicans elected–unfortunately the party doesn’t want those people–people like Donna Ellingsen–because those people want REPUBLICANS elected and not robots who cater to the special interests of the party.

      That’s an excellent point that I’ve become convinced is true. On a related matter check out this story from 2013 as to why there are no black Republicans in Philadelphia.

      The reason wasn’t that there are no black conservatives. It’s that the Philadelphia Republican Party actively chased them away. Newcomers endangered the existing gravy train for the power structure.

      If our side would get just 30 percent of the Philadelphia vote we would never lose an election.

  6. This is what happens when we allow RINO’s to run our Party. If this is allowed to go forward, then someday very soon we will only have a choice of a liberal Democrat, or a liberal Republican on election days. If the Republican Party slams these Committee People. then I will leave the Party, and register as an Independent.

  7. Nah, they did the same thing to kick out a moderate in 2011. It’s not about ideology. It’s about kicking out committee people who defy the will of their Republican voters. After the Republican voters elect their candidates in the Primary Election, committee people are bound to support that candidate. Why does Donna, as well as the other, think she/they know better than their Republican voters?

  8. Is there any adults left in the Republican Party. I recently ran for a supervisor’s position in Upper Oxford and was endorsed by the Republican Party as their canidate. However there’s a group called the Oxford Good Government bunch quietly supported by the Republican Party in providing campaign material who ran a canidate directly in opposition to me. Talk about party loyalty! This country was founded on principles of open elections and the rule of the majority not the rule of the unelected, self serving party leaders. As a lifelong member of Republican Party I have to say I cannot support the current organization as it is therefore I have officially registered as an independent. I’m not alone in doing so. To paraphrase Reagan, I did not leave the Republican Party, they left me. So until the Republican Party finds their roots and the principles they were founded on, I will continue to be an independent until that time comes.

    1. Here in Montco the endorsement doesn’t mean as much as it used to, in fact voters tend to look for anyone who’s not endorsed to support. That may have worked against you too. Sadly, we have also seen our own party split into factions in local elections for supervisors and school board members, one of which will work to undermine the candidates selected by the other. I am in favor of eliminating the endorsement process at this point as it causes more problems than it solves, encourages infighting, and really, we should be letting voters tell us who they want, not the other way around.

      1. The endorsement process does need to stop. It’s a farce that’s controlled by the party leaders with the candidate often chosen before any vote takes place.

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