Christ Continues To Catch People

Christ Continues To Catch People — He told Simon and his companions to sail off a little from the land and to let down the net for a draught. But they replied that they had been toiling the whole night and had caught nothing. However, in the name of Christ, they let down the net, and immediately it was full of fish.

By a visible sign and by a miraculous type and representation, they were fully convinced that their labor would be rewarded, and the zeal displayed in spreading out the net of the gospel teaching would be fruitful.

Within this net they should most certainly catch the shoals of the heathen.

But note, that neither Simon nor his companions could draw the net to land. Speechless from fright and astonishment for their wonder had made them mute, they beckoned to their partners, to those who shared their labors in fishing, to come and help them in securing their prey.

For many have taken part with the Holy Apostles in their labors, and still do so, especially those who inquire into the meaning of what is written in the holy Gospels.

Yet besides them there are also others: the pastors and teachers and rulers of the people, who are skilled in the doctrines of truth. For the net is still being drawn, while Christ fills it, and calls to conversion those who, according tyo the Scripture phrase, are in the depths of the sea, that is to say, those who live in the surge and waves of world things.

Saint Cyril of Alexandria

Courtesy of Holy Myrrh-Bearers Church of Swarthmore.

Christ Continues To Catch People

Christ Continues To Catch People

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