Curt Weldon Roils Q Board

Curt Weldon Roils Q Board — The latest conspiracy claim is a doozy. It’s that Bush, Obama, Hillary, Leon Panetta, John Brennan and Biden let Osama Bin Laden live in comfort in Iran after 9/11.

Further, it goes that the SEAL team sent to kill Bin Laden actually got a body double, and that the SEALs who performed the mission were themselves set up in an ambush by the Obama-Biden administration to cover it up.

Update: Robert J. O’Neil, the SEAL who shot Bin Laden, has taken on the theory. “Very brave men said goodby to their kids to go kill Osama bin Laden. We were given the order by President Obama. It was not a body double,” he tweeted.

Further it claims that the Benghazi consulate attack was orchestrated to cover up that it was an American missile that took down the SEALs’ helicopter.

Finally, it claims the money Obama sent to Iran was to buy their silence.

The video, Benghazi Bombshell, describing it can be found here, along with a transcript.

Old friend and Congressman Curt Weldon is involved because he facilitated a meeting between Biden confidant Brian S Ettinger and internationally connected falconer Alan Howell Parrot, who claimed knowledge of Bin Laden’s whereabouts.

Parrot apparently recorded the Jan. 6, 2011 call and released audio and transcript on the web.

Here is how it excited the Q board on

Here is the audio of Parrot’s conversation with Weldon.

Here is the transcript:

Curt Weldon Roils Q Board

In a more traditional scandal, The New York Post is reporting that Hunter Biden introduced his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, to Vadym Pozharskyi, top executive at a Ukrainian energy firm less than a year before the elder Biden pressured government officials in Ukraine into firing a prosecutor who was investigating the company.

Regardless of what happened to Bin Laden, the Bidens are dirty.

Curt Weldon Roils Q Board

2 thoughts on “Curt Weldon Roils Q Board”

  1. Mr. Lawrence, have you read this?

    I do not know how true this could be? The USA better make sure Pres. Trump gets re-elected, if it is true and we Canadians are already thinking it could be as our Kleptocracy Lie-beral puppet government is really an illegal government controlled by China’s Communist Party and their UN. Our PM Trudeau has taken a lot of personal money from the CCP and given China billions of our tax dollars or I should say Canadians borrowed debt. Have you heard of this great re-set?

    1. I haven’t seen that one. I’m not laughing at it. Q is right about sick and evil people running things. He/she/it is also right about something else: God wins.

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