Curt Weldon Travesty Ends

The chief of staff to former congressman Curt Weldon was sentenced, July 30, for the heinous offense of not reporting $19,000 his wife made with a non-profit as required. Russell James Caso Jr., 36, got probation. Curt Weldon Travesty Ends

He joins fellow Weldon associate Cece Grimes, 42, who also got probation for the crime of destroying some emails.

These vile deeds came to light during an investigation of Weldon that became public when federal agents raided the homes  of his daughter Karen and political ally Charlie Sexton three weeks before the 2006 election. Karen and Sexton owned and operated the consulting firm Solutions North America, which the feds claimed used Weldon’s connections to win lobbying contracts.

So, umm, where are the convictions for Ms. Weldon and Sexton? Heck, what are the charges against Ms. Weldon and Sexton, or the former congressman for that matter? It’s been three years, you would think the feds would have had things pretty much wrapped up since they were willing to perform the rather significant act of staging an election-eve raid. What would have been the problem with waiting until the  Wednesday  after Election Day considering not much appears to have been found?

The raid iced the race for Joe “Grandpa Really Doesn’t Need That Pacemaker” Sestak, and got rid of Weldon who had written the controversial book  Countdown To Terror, alleging gross incompetence in the U.S. intelligence agencies.

The raids did unveil a major amount of corruption. Unfortunately the vast majority of it seems to be in federal law enforcement.

With regard to Weldon’s book here it is at Amazon.

Curt Weldon Travesty Ends

4 thoughts on “Curt Weldon Travesty Ends”

  1. I can’t really feel too much sympathy for Mr. Weldon. He did spend an inordinate amount of time in Russia dealing with businessmen and he did become a wealthy man while he served as our congressman. However, he served us better than Joe, “Let’s Give Up The Ship” Sestak who wants to surrender to the Taliban and raise our taxes.

  2. As we have learned from the ensconcement of the criminals in our current White House, the Alinsky/Cloward-Piven goons are in full attack mode. Meanwhile the Republicans continue playing Chess, while the Democrats and the brethren that infests them plays Checkers.

    I feel that Weldon was very close to tearing the guts out of the Democratic party with the “Able-Danger” investigation. Unfortunately, there were several Republicans that would have also been caught in that web, so the RNC basically ‘walked away’. And Delaware County and the US is the worse of for it!

  3. The Republicans playing “chess”? Please.
    The Republicans are playing Candy Land and eating paste.

    Able Danger showed Weldon to be a crank.

    Grimes get caught willfully destroying evidence and all she gets is probation? Did anyone involve destroy more evidence that would have led to a conviction?

    The lobbying contracts the Weldon/Sexton company got have little rational explanation outside of Curt using improper influence.

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