Cyber Schools Threatened By Pa. Cuts

Cyber Schools Threatened By Pa. Cuts — The Pennsylvania House Education Committee will hold hearings, Monday, on proposals that threaten to slash funding for cyber schools, reports Commonwealth Foundation. And cyber schools already receive only 81 percent of what traditional districts receive per student!

These drastic cuts will make it difficult—if not impossible—for cyber schools to compete. Indeed, many will be forced to close if funding is reduced, the Foundation says.

Cyber schools are public charter schools that more than 32,000 Pennsylvania students have chosen as the school that best fits their needs. These kids should not be treated as separate and unequal second-class citizens by shortchanging their education funding.

The schools give children a chance to escape bullies and bad teachers, who do exist.

For those without children or whose children are beyond school age, the existence of cyber schools helps dissuade the unions from being completely unreasonable in their contract demands and placing even more of a burden on you home or business property tax.

The state’s porcine educational establishment sees them as a threat.

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Cyber Schools Threatened By Pa. Cuts

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