Delco Loses GOP Incumbent

Delco Loses GOP Incumbent

By Bob Small

Delco House Representative Chris Quinn lost his seat to Lisa Borowski; 15,928 votes to 13,091. Chris Quinn was first elected in 2016.

Lisa will be the first Democrat representing the 168th.

“When the legislative redistricting committee specifically draws maps to create 100 Republican and 100 Democratic seats-primarily by drawing heavily favored Democratic favored districts in Southeastern Pa-the results are not surprising.  Due to gerrymandering, I lost approximately half of my district,” Quinn said.  “ I fear that the end result will be increased partisanship and gridlock in the legislature for years to come’”

As of Dec. 15, both the Democrats and Republicans are still fighting over who has the majority and which party can schedule Special Elections.

Delco Loses GOP Incumbent
Lisa Borowski

Quinn was named Legislator of the Year by Mothers Against Drunk Driving for his work on Deanna’s Law.  (HB 773)  

He will continue to serve on the board of directors of Lifetime Wells International.

The 168th consists of Radnor, Newtown, Edgmont along with the 3, 4 districts, and 2nd District, 3rd Division of Middletown. It had been GOP since its creation in 1969, with the only two other Representatives being Matthew J. Ryan and Tom Killion.

Lisa Borowski had been vice-president of the Radnor School Board and President of the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners. She and her husband Mark have two chilldren.

Her issues included raising funding for the Philadelphia Police Department via the Philly Foundation; automatic voter registration, expanded early voting, making Election Day a holiday, red flag laws and universal background checks for gun purchases.

Delco Loses GOP Incumbent

2 thoughts on “Delco Loses GOP Incumbent”

  1. Proof is in the results and Andy Reilly, Liz Havey’s bff, and National committeeman is a total failure. Under his leadership they’ve taken the heaviest hits, same with Liz & MontCo. MontCo and DelCo are completely blue thanks to their backstabbing, corrupt, unethical and self-serving “leadership”. Throw in Pat Poprick too. I hear Andy is going to try to have DelCo GOP and other NeverTrumper establishment party hacks who have sold out SE PA and our state to the Dems denounce Trump for his 2024 Presidential candidacy. Good luck with that, I say!

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