Delco Pats Legislative Update

Regina Scheerer of the Delaware County Patriots has sent out this legislative bulletin:

Our US Senator Pat Toomey, along with Senator David Vitter of Louisiana, introduced legislation to create a Constitutional amendment that limits the terms of US Congressmen and Senators.
The limit would be 3 two-year terms for US Representatives and 2 six-year terms for US Senators.
If you support such legislation, please email our Senators Toomey and Casey, and our Representative Pat Meehan, to voice that support.
Senator Pat Toomey’s website, and then click “Contact”.
Senator Bob Casey’s website, and then click “Contact”.
Representative Pat Meehan’s website, and click “Contact Me”.

Our Governor Tom Corbett will propose to the State Legislature that Pennsylvania end its running of liquor stores.
Pennsylvania is one of only 2 states that still run its own liquor stores and that is not a government function.
The money generated by the sale of the liquor stores and businesses, more that $1 billion, would go to block grants to local school districts, and the retraining and placement of any state store employees not taken on by the private sector.
The money to the school districts would make up for lack of money in recent Federal and State budgets.
The State Pension System could also use some of that money to relieve the taxpayers of the burden of funding the state pensions.
If you support such legislation, please email Governor Corbett, State Representative Bill Adolph, and State Senator Ted Erickson, to voice that support.
Governor Corbett’s Contact:
Representative Bill Adolph: and click “Contact”.
Senator Ted Erickson: and click “Contact Me”.

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