Detroit Vote Fraud Indication

Detroit Vote Fraud Indication — Detroit News reports that a third of Detroit precincts registered more votes than people who voted.

Detroit Vote Fraud IndicationThis is a pretty good indication of vote fraud.

Donald Trump won Michigan by 10,704 votes or about .2 percent. The revelation regarding the Motor City — which overwhelmingly went for Hillary Clinton as big cities are wont — means that Trump’s margin of victory was likely much higher.

Considering the obvious voting by those here illegally, and reports of major vote fraud in Nevada – a state that Trump lost where he was actually ahead in the polls — cleaning up our election system must be a priority now that Republicans are holding the reins in most places.

In Pennsylvania, poll watchers should be certified on a state-wide basis and allowed access to any precinct of their choosing, which is not the case now.

Independents and minor party representatives should also be allowed easy certification for poll watching.

Data should be shared nationally regarding registration, and criminal penalties imposed for those registered in more than one location. Bummer, Swarthmore College kids.

And yes, when one registers to vote it should be confirmed that that person is a citizen.

Allowing someone to vote illegally is every bit a violation on civil rights as keeping someone from voting. It’s bizarre that some fail to comprehend this.

Detroit Vote Fraud Indication


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  1. I am sure that Jill Stein and Secretary Clinton will immediately demand an investigation Because it is all about the process –fair elections. Right.

    I guess this also proves the lie that demanding ID and other common-sense accountability is just racism because there is no “evidence” of any fraud at all.

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