Dog Devolution Illustrated

Dog Devolution
What happened to the bull terrier during a century.

It appears that D E V O applies to dogs as well.

A blogger using the handle of Mus Musculus, Ph. D.  took illustrations from Dogs of all Nations written in 1915 and placed them side by side with contemporary examples.

It speaks for itself.

The noble German shepherd then  could scale an 8.5 foot fence and now can’t, Mus notes.

He also has examples of English bulldogs, dachshunds, boxers and bull terriers, basset hounds, Saint Bernards and pugs, all of which now appear to be freakish mutants compared to the attractive creatures they once were. The modern animals are more inclined to disease and other maladies, the blogger says.

The blog post is dated Sept. 9, 2012 albeit the MailOnline, a major British website,  carried an article based on it late 2013.

Mus musculus is the scientific classification for house mouse.

Dog Devolution Illustrated

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