Frankfurt Server Shootout Update

Frankfurt Server Shootout Update –Col. Phil Waldron says he thinks the reports of a shootout between Special Forces and The CIA over computer servers in Germany containing proof of a rigged presidential election were fabricated.

“A lot of the interference is disinformation,” Waldron said in an interview with Patrick Byrne released today, Aug. 2. “(They are conceived by) foreign entities conducting what we call ‘red on red’ operations. They’re trying to get U.S. folks to fight U.S. folks,” said Waldron.

He says, though, there was a Scytl server In Frankfurt, Germany, and that he reported it to Congressman Louis Gohmert after it raised a red flag with investigators due to traffic to it on Election Night.

Gohmert brought the matter up with the White House, and 14-hours later the server went off line, Waldron says.

Waldron says that he thinks someone just unplugged the server without any drama.

“I believe it is much more innocuous (that the shootout story), someone just went in an unplugged the server. And the server, wherever it is now, you know, it is were it is. To my knowledge it hasn’t been found, exploited or forensically examined.”

You can see the interview here, albeit it is behind a paywall.

Frankfurt Server Shootout Update
Frankfurt Server Shootout Update

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  1. Does this include the ones supposedly in Italy and France or is this just more nothing, to coverup what really went on, I wonder? Thank you for this report I have wondered what really happened, I guess we are left to keep wondering about so many other things in that fake election, just like in Canada and other countries. Wouldn’t it be nice if truth and honesty could be much more prominent in our world.

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