Free Beekeeping Lessons From Penn State Extension

Free Beekeeping Lessons From Penn State Extension — For those tired of streaming television and video games as we await another 27 days of imposed inactivity, Penn State Extension has waived through April 30 its $159 fee for Beekeeping 101. That’s right, you can learn to beekeep for free. Sign up here. Beekeepers are desperately needed. Be cool. Beekeep.

Penn State Extension is affiliated with Penn State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences and provides science-based information to people, businesses, and communities. It has an office in every county in Pennsylvania.

Free Beekeeping Lessons
Be cool, beekeep
Free Beekeeping Lessons
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2 thoughts on “Free Beekeeping Lessons From Penn State Extension”

  1. “Beekeep”? Oh, my ears. Do they have classes to learn to hairdress, cabdrive, lawnmow, or dogwalk too?

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