HB 2443 Tackles Unwanted Telemarketing

State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129) reports that legislation was introduced regarding telemarketing to senior citizens.

HB 2443, introduced by Rep. Jesse Topper (R-79)  will require the State Attorney General’s Office to notify the PA Department of Aging, on a monthly basis, of any investigations and enforcement actions taken within the purview of the PA Telemarketer Registration Act when those investigations and enforcement actions involve a consumer who is 60 years of age or older, according to a memorandum describing the bill.

“Although the attorney general’s office does provide information about active scams to the public through the media, the agency only reports detailed investigations and enforcement actions during the preceding fiscal year to the General Assembly,” Cox said. “This legislation would act as an additional tool to communicate to a group that is most often targeted by scams.”

This legislation is expected to be assigned to a committee in the near future, he said.

HB 2443 Tackles Unwanted Telemarketing

HB 2443 Tackles Unwanted Telemarketing


2 thoughts on “HB 2443 Tackles Unwanted Telemarketing”

  1. What would be the penalty? Hopefully it would be getting a slew of unsolicited phone calls throughout the day–and night.

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