IRS Chief Partisan Democrat

IRS Chief Partisan Democrat

John Koskinen, IRS Chief Partisan Democrat

John Koskinen, the man who heads the IRS which is now looking more and more like an apparatus of a police state whose administrators feel beholden to no law, is a partisan Democrat.

That’s right, he has given over $100,000 to Democrats over 40 years including $7,300 to the Obama campaign.

Koskinen was named IRS commissioner in August of 2013 in the wake of scandals showing the agency unfairly targeted groups opposed to the Obama administration.

Was he going to institute needed reforms and see that justice was done to allow the American people to once again trust their government?

Or was he just a hired fixer picked to sweep things under rugs?

Well, he is now telling Congress that documents subpoenaed twice have been lost in ways not possible, and that no effort was made to find them anyway.

The documents — the email archives of former IRS tax-exempt division chief Lois Lerner — would have revealed whether the discriminatory treatment of opponents of the president was done as a result of policy.

Ms. Lerner has invoked the 5th Amendment regarding testifying before Congress.

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IRS Chief Partisan Democrat



3 thoughts on “IRS Chief Partisan Democrat”

  1. Headline at Delco Times yesterday: “IRS Head says no laws broken in loss of emails”

    Working class paper, always looking our for the working man, right?

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