Isinglass William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 9-26-18

What is isinglass is as in “isinglass curtains you can roll right down in case there’s a change in the weather”? It’s a collagen obtained from dried fish bladders. It’s semi-transparent and was used as window in the earliest cars since they  didn’t shatter.

There is no record, however, of them being used on fringed surreys in Oklahoma in the 1890s.

Isinglass is used today as a clarifier for beer and wine. Some vegetarians consider isinglass unsuitable for their diets.

isinglass William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 9-26-18

isinglass William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 9-26-18

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  1. It’s extracted from cuttlefish, too. The protein makes up the cuttlebone, which serves to stiffen their bodies–well, their heads, really. Sort of the same way cartilage works.

    In the brewing process, it’s isinglass filings that are used. They help clarify the wort-the liquid made of of grain mash and water. The filings attract particles in the wort in a sort of filtering process.

    1. Dried cuttlebones were also used to stiffen the old cloth grenadier caps in the 18th century armies and make them stand up.

      1. Thanks!
        When I was a little kid, Mom plunked me in front of the TV when she did her ironing, and she watched “Jeopardy”, the old original show, with Art Fleming. That was the start of a lifetime absorbing arcane bits of knowledge. I never figured out a way to make a living with it, though.

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