Jay Hileman Aryan Brotherhood Withdrawal

Jay Hileman Aryan Brotherhood — Assistant U.S. Attorney Jay Hileman  has withdrawn from a large Aryan Brotherhood of Texas racketeering case in Houston due to fears and threats following the murders of Kaufman County (Texas) District Attorney Mike McLelland and his assistant prosecutor Mark Haase.

The Aryan Brotherhood, which has its genesis in the Texas prison system, has been suspected of involvement in the McLelland and Haase murders, and is said to have strong connections to Mexican drug cartels.

Hileman’s office, of course, is federal and he is ultimately accountable to President Obama. His action doesn’t make one warm and fuzzy about the President’s ability or willingness to keep us safe from the bad guys.

The acts of terror aimed at law enforcement are akin to the plot of The Turner Diaries, a book that would give any decent-minded person nightmares.

BTW, one strongly suspects that the Aryan Brotherhood and like-minded
types are strongly cheering on the Democrats push to limit access to
possession of firearms for average citizens. It’s what Mexico does, after all.

Jay Hileman Aryan Brotherhood Withdrawl

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