Laugh At Conspiracy Theories, Remember When?

Laugh At Conspiracy Theories, Remember When? — David Icke, the BBC sportscaster who was a household name before he declared the world was run by child-eating space lizards, says in a widely spread interview that Netherlands, the world’s second largest food exporter, is eliminating farmers during a food shortage.

Dutch Prime Miniser Mark Rutte is supported by the World Economic Forum, Icke notes.

Icke says that people are uncontrollable when food and energy are cheap.

We concede his point.

The interview got a boost when journalist Benny Johnson tweeted it.

Then there is this

We aren’t yet ready to buy that Queen Elizabeth is a space lizard but let’s consider this chart of Covid-19 deaths which shows U.S. deaths peaking at 10 per million on Jan. 13, 2021. As of Tuesday (Aug.30, 2022) its 1.3 per million.

This interactive timeline, however, shows that U.S. excess mortality of all causes was between 100 and 200 per 100,000 people at the Covid death peak. It’s now between 300 and 400 per 100K.

The increase can’t be Covid.

The timeline works with a slide near the bottom of the page.

And this

Author and one-time New York Times reporter Alex Berenson is reporting that live births in heavily vaccinated Singapore are down 8.5 percent from last year. Swedish journalist Peter Imanuelsen is saying live births are down 14 percent in Sweden from last year.

Births aren’t down everywhere — the U.S. birth rate is actually up a teeny bit from 2021 — but Berenson’s and Imanuelsen’s reporting shouldn’t be dismissed.

And one doesn’t have to believe in space lizards to know that tyrants have always been and the powerful always want more power, and these people don’t consider the rest of us as anything important.

Until last month, this crowd had carved in stone that Earth’s population should not be more than 500 million. This would require eliminating 7 billion people to achieve.

Laugh At Conspiracy Theories, Remember When?
Laugh At Conspiracy Theories, Remember When?

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