Lisa Esler For State House

Lisa Esler with Chris Stigall
Lisa Esler with WPHT host Chris Stigall

State Rep. Joe Hackett announced yesterday, April 2, that he is vacating his 161st Pennsylvania House seat, April 30, to return to law enforcement.

A special election will be held on a date to be designated by House Speaker Mike Turzai (R-28) to fill the remainder of Hackett’s term which ends in January 2017.

We hereby endorse Penn Delco School Director Lisa Esler for the post. She understands the critical issues of the pension bomb, prevailing wage and the lack of paycheck protection and is passionate about solving them.

Lisa Esler For State House

17 thoughts on “Lisa Esler For State House”

  1. There would be no one better than Lisa to fill this position. Not only is she is exceptionally well-informed on all of the issues, but she is honest, intelligent, articulate, hard-working, non-self-serving, and would work for the betterment of all constituents — not just one group. I wish her well in this effort.

  2. I think Lisa would be a fabulous representative. She knows the issues already and has a coherent philosophy to address them. She would be a true representative of the people.

  3. What a wonderful idea, Bill! I have the utmost respect for Lisa Esler. As a School Board Director, she has been dedicated to serving the best interests of the students and taxpayers in the Penn Delco school district. She is a knowledgeable leader with solid principles and common sense solutions. These qualities are sorely needed in Harrisburg so I hope she considers running for Rep. Hackett’s seat.

  4. Go Lisa go! Give ’em hell.!! you’re a perfect candidate.
    go to Harrisburg and make them wet their pants. Keep whispering “term limits.”

  5. Lisa Esler would make a fantastic representative for her district and for the entire Commonwealth. She knows the issues much better than most who currently hold office, and she sees them from the taxpayer and public citizen’s viewpoints vs. the special interests that Harrisburg now represents. She would stand for what was right, would put special interests in the place where they belong and would not be beholden to the whims of any political party. She would be a breath of fresh air in Harrisburg–someone who is honest, who has integrity and who truly understands what would make Pennsylvania a better place to live. Good luck Lisa!

  6. Lisa Esler is a champion of the taxpayers and is unafraid to tackle solutions to Pennsylvania’s pressing issues…beginning but not limited to Pension Reform, Paycheck Protection and Prevailing Wage. Good luck with your decision Lisa…you would be a strong voice for the taxpayers of PA.

  7. PSEA stood behind Hackett in the last election, and I can’t believe he is endorsing someone like Lisa Esler who wants to break the union and cut the pension, not to mention outsourcing the bus drivers. DO NOT VOTE FOR HER!!! She has no clue what she is talking about and does no research!

    1. For the record, this Bill thinks Lisa would make a great rep and recommends all vote for her.

      Regarding unions they no longer represent the working guy and gal. Really, contributing money to those who seek to shut refineries and mines and open the border to cheap labor is what what the rank and file want? It’s what you are making them pay for with automatic dues deductions. No, unions no longer look out for the little guy.

      And pensions? LOL. You think taxing widows and the out of work so state employees can retire at 80 percent of of their working salaries is some noble cause?

      Lisa Esler for state rep.

    2. Bill, analysis are done every few years for efficiency. As a part of that, outsourcing was included to be sure that money is being spent wisely. This is a responsibility the school district and school board has to the taxpayers. I was very happy the final report showed that we are using our tax dollars wisely.

  8. Mr. Lawerence you sir are clearly endorsing L. Esler, because she is a silent advocate in abolishing Union jobs (and was huge supporter in the closing of Marcus Hook refineries) I know this because she has tried to put source our own jobs, you state automatic dues deduction is a bad thing for several bullshit reasons, personally I’m glad they R taken automatically, because our unions use funds to support political parties.. Such parties who are for the union worker, which helps us, Union dues are also used in the unfortunate case of needing representation to protect our Union rights!! U say the Union does not support the little it’s the quality of little guy w the generation that has been raised under the politics such as yours that hurts the unions! Well Mr. Lawerence I can tell you that we are raising our children to see through bullshit such as yours! We are taking back what is rightfully ours now! Politics such as yours will soon be a bad memory and a thing of the past!!!

    1. I see her as an opponent of corruption, greed and lies.

      And general stupidity as well.

      But I can see why you don’t like her. For instance the claim that she “was huge supporter in the closing of Marcus Hook refineries” is a lie. That you’d actually expect someone to believe it is an indication of stupidity.

      So you would be against her on two counts.

    2. Nicole, you clearly do not know who I am. First of all, I am the wife and daughter of union members. I never once ever made any comment about the Marcus Hook refineries but am glad Meehan and other elected officials fought to save jobs in the county. I believe in fairness and unions have every right to contribute to political campaigns. I believe that members could and should contribute to causes that help them and it is up to the “little guy” if they chose to donate. I do not believe taxpayer resources such as schools and municipalities should be a collection agency for the union political contributions since they are a private organization and often support policies that do not benefit taxpayers. I think most taxpayers would agree with that position. As for your children, I can only hope that you are raising them to be honorable, upstanding citizens. The “We are taking back what is rightfully ours now!” does sound a little selfish to me.

    3. Lisa Esler sees both sides of the issues and fully understands the life of union members. She does not want to bust the unions. She expects unions to take responsibility for collecting their own dues and wants union members to have the freedom to pay those dues or not. Many union members have become disillusioned with the strong politicking that has become so prevalent today. How dare union bosses presume that every union member supports the Democrat Party or its policies! Union dues should go towards providing benefits for union members….not lining the pockets of politicians. How much more stable the union pension fund would be if all that political money actually went towards funding benefit commitments to union members! As it stands now, the taxpayers are on the hook to provide unrealistic benefits that the unions demand.

  9. What is apparent from the comments of the union folks is that they clearly do not understand the issue at all and apparently do not feel capable of making and living up to their own choices. Nobody is trying to do away with unions–it is simply a matter that if you choose to belong to one, you take responsibility for writing your dues checks. If you belong to an organization that you believe in, that should be no problem. Those of us in the non-union world do it all the time. The expectation is that as adults, we are more than capable of deciding which professional organizations we want to support and of doing what it takes to support them. For union leaders to bombard members with misinformation and to tell them they have to have someone else assume their responsibilities is rather insulting.

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