McCarthy Misses The Big Immigration Picture On Impeachment

McCarthy Misses The Big Immigration Picture On Impeachment

By Joe Guzzardi

For all of Kevin McCarthy’s bluster about his impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden’s corrupt finances, skeptics have deep doubts about the House Speaker’s priorities.

The Biden family’s financial double-dealing is small potatoes compared to the nation’s lost sovereignty that the administration’s open border agenda promotes. While the evidence that Oversight Committee Chair James Comer uncovered reveals a well-established pattern of the Biden family’s dubious dealings, McCarthy has said little about the more compelling border disaster.

Biden’s blatant refusal to enforce even to the minimum extent the nation’s immigration laws is easily proven. This flagrant abdication of duty to enforce laws for the security and safety of U.S. citizens and sovereignty of the country represents a series of impeachable offenses. McCarthy, Comer, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, et al, don’t have to subpoena bank records, review the 5,400 emails that Biden wrote under his pseudonyms Robert PetersRobin Ware and JRB Ware. House leadership simply has to visit the border to see that Biden has aided, abetted, facilitated, orchestrated and promoted illegal immigration, crimes for which he should be removed from office.

The latest Customs and Border Protection (CBP) stats are shocking, even for people who follow invasion data regularly. A total of 35,000 illegal aliens entered the U.S. for the weekend beginning Friday, September 15 and ending Monday, September 18, and CBP processed most of them. More accurately, CBP released 35,000 unvetted aliens into the interior. Previous surges included convicted criminals and possible terrorists on the FBI watch list.

In this unending human flow across the border, thanks to the Biden administration, consider also the doomed migrants who never reach their intended destinations. Their deaths are true human tragedies. The Wall Street Journal reported in March that in FY 2022 U.S. authorities discovered 890 bodies at the Southwest border, while hundreds of migrants are considered missing. Speculation is that somewhere in the border’s broad, rugged terrain, thousands more corpses lie undiscovered.

Human trafficking is a $150 billion industry, and traffickers have taken advantage of Biden’s inexcusable refusal to secure the homeland against foreign invaders who deliver deadly amounts of fentanyl and transport minors predestined for the sex trade or used and mistreated as underage labor. Federal code states that one single person found guilty of a trafficking violation will face a lengthy prison term, “potentially including life imprisonment for conduct involving actual or attempted killing, kidnapping, or aggravated sexual abuse.”

Taken on whole, the administration has, with Biden’s blessing, permitted one immigration crime after another. While Biden’s financial chicanery should lead to jail time, enriching of family won’t destroy the nation. But Biden’s open borders policy has the gravest of consequences – an end to sovereign America.

In a preview of future border-caused fiscal calamities to come for Chicago, Washington, D.C., San Francisco and other municipalities, Biden has brought New York City to its knees. Mayor Eric Adams is begging for a financial bailout to help subsidize the 110,000 migrants who have arrived in the Big Apple since April 2022. Evaluating his plight, Adams, speaking the truest words he’ll ever utter, said: “Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this. This issue will destroy New York City.”

Adams has correctly summed up the migrant invasion: no ending is in sight for New York or the nation. To offset the city’s projected cost of $12 billion to support aliens, some progressive Democrats propose a 5 percent state tax, the so-called “migrant tax.”

The GOP’s pre-2022 Election Day “Commitment to America” failed to deliver on lofty promises, including a pledge to prevent illegal crossings, stop cartel trafficking, end catch-and-release loopholes and require legal status to get a job. Keeping score, that’s zero for four, a .000 average. Such an across-the-board GOP failure diminishes confidence in the party and puts Speaker McCarthy on shaky ground when he’s trying to sell his point of view, in this case that Biden’s financial hanky-panky is more important than vanished borders.

If voters were asked which of the two crimes they consider more egregious, Biden’s open borders – the consequences of which are ruining their communities – or the money laundering and influence peddling, the result would be a landslide. The outcome: Impeach Biden now before he can do more harm to American sovereignty.

Joe Guzzardi is a Project for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

McCarthy Misses The Big Immigration Picture On Impeachment

McCarthy Misses The Big Immigration Picture On Impeachment

2 thoughts on “McCarthy Misses The Big Immigration Picture On Impeachment”

  1. Mr. Guzzardi I agree with this article totally. We are having problems with this too but not nearly as bad as the good citizens of the USA are having. Sadly many of these people in this forced migration are being flown into Canada get all the freebies here then move down to the USA. 3 immigrant famiies on my street said Canada was not doing enough for them, even though I as a Canadian pensioner and worked here since I was fourteen and paid taxes till I retired. I get less money than their seniors who never worked here get. Families get all kinds of free benefits and money and 10 years later still complain about wanting a brand new house, but they are leaving as they see how Canada is failing and rub our noses in it.
    When our placed Nazi puppet government was placed here 8 yrs. ago, Canada had only a 37 Million population now they said it is 40 million but somehow Stats Canada found a million + more and I bet there is still more. We have a housing bubble so many people are in tent cities and migrants get dropped off to live on the streets now, winter is coming, we have no warm yearly places. Why are we not doing something it is happening right in front of us, just like the drag queen and LGBTQ+++ stealing and grooming our children and their rights to a real education. Since to me this fake government was a coup it is too bad they destroyed the military or maybe we could have fought back and set up real governments again that are for our countries, but even most of the police seem to like and protect these Nazi/ UN/WEF placed puppet governments and not us taxpayers who pay them?

  2. See my comments on today’s other thread re X and Musk.

    Did anyone think McCarty was going to hold up his end of the bargain. Vacate the seat.

    We need Joe McCarthy not Kevin.

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