Mullen Hangs Up

Mullen Hangs UpBy Joseph B Dychala 

In the April 3, 2015 Daily Times it mentions a news reporter getting hung up on upon reaching the Mullen household to inquired about a possible run for the seat in the 161st Legislative District vacated by Joe Hackett.

Around the same time, local 654’s own Business Report for Q1 2015, Paul Mullen solicited members to increase their funding for money earmarked to go directly to political candidates. Mr Mullen is quoted, “Relations within the political realm is important and helping candidates get elected is vital to us. ”

Mr Mullen has actively campaigned for Joe Sestak in his failed bid to unseat incumbent United States Senator Republican Pat Toomey. Mr Mullen also campaigned for Democrat John Kane. Kane, who happens to hold the same position as Mullen at his local, lost to Republican Tom McGarrigle in 2014. Kane now fully endorses Mullen complete with requisite yard signs. There have been accusations of misconduct and what happened remains unclear.

This raises many very important questions. The two most pressing however, is there some Quid Pro Quo involved with these campaigns, and why does Paul Mullen, a nearly two decade Republican, continually lend his endorsement and personal support to Democrats on a local and national level.

Paul Mullen has been very silent on his positions – liquor privatization, paycheck protection,property tax, pension reform, the Pennsylvania 10% corporate tax and the Governor’s plan to increase personal income tax and sales tax. These are the issues facing our great commonwealth today. He only provides vague platitudes on natural gas taxation and educational funding with no concrete stance. His opponents have made themselves not only clear and consistent but available to speak with the folks unlike the reclusive Mullen.

How are the voters of the 161st District supposed to to entrust their representation at the state house to Paul Mullen when he has been evasive on his positions and his intent since this house seat first opened.

 Mr. Dychala lives in Aston.

Mullen Hangs Up

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