Nick Sandmann Fires Lin Wood

Nick Sandmann Fires Lin Wood — Nicholas Sandmann, the high school kid whose life the establishment’s highly paid liars tried to ruin after he wore a MAGA hat at pro life rally, has fired attorney Lin Wood.

Nick Sandmann Fires Lin Wood
You’re fire, Lin Wood

Wood is the famed “attorney for the damned” who won Nicholas apparently sweet judgements against CNN and The Washington Post.

Cases against NBC, CBS, ABC, Rolling Stone, Gannett, and The New York Times are pending, however, and it’s reasonable that Nicholas wants to win. When your attorney is declaring that Jeffrey Epstein is alive and that Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is a pedophile who is conspiring to murder other judges, well, that might send discussion off on a tangent.

Wood has been banned on Twitter but you can follow him on Telegram for the drama.

What fascinates us is why Wood is saying these things.

Is he insane? No. He knows Sandmann fired him, Mercer University is debating removing his name from a law school courthouse etc. Dealing with reality when it affects you means you are sane.

Is he doing it for personal gain? Obviously, not. This is hurting his finances and has destroyed his once stellar reputation as a defamation lawyer.

So, why? Well, smart people can be fooled. Two little girls once got Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a doctor before he became a writer, to tell the world fairies were real.

We think Wood wants to believe that the corruption in the state, church, courts, media, entertainment and academia cannot be banal but must have an exotic explanation.

Of course, maybe the fairies got Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths to fake the photos knowing they would be discredited hence allowing their kingdom to remain undetected.

Just kidding.


We think Wood is right about the vote fraud.

And there is the plane.

Nick Sandmann Fires Lin Wood

5 thoughts on “Nick Sandmann Fires Lin Wood”

  1. Lin Wood predicted this “firing” before it happened, because Nick Sandman had been working with Mitch McConnell (probably not knowing what Establishment Swamp McConnell is), and had been receiving pressure on the issue.

    For the record, I believe firmly in Lin Wood and believe he will be fully vindicated. The sacrifices he has had to endure are not the actions of a dishonorable man.

  2. This is so sad…and I suspect that there is a move to infiltrate populism with whacko theories to discredit true goals. Sort of like Sanders’ initial efforts to regulate crony capitalism turned into BLM as the first priority, losing whatever intelligent support he had in the beginning. There may be drugs and hypnotism that has been refined to induce the Wood state, but otherwise an explanation escapes me. The Q movement is just another way to stamp nationalists as a bunch of nuts.

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