Obamacare Republic

Stop blaming President Obama for sabotaging the nation’s health care system. After all, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act wasn’t all his doing. He had plenty of help from congressional Democrats.

House and Senate Democrats were instrumental in coercing their colleagues to vote for the legislation, which offended about half the voting public at the time it was enacted, and while the lawmakers may not have been aware of all the ill effects their actions would have three years later, apparently those same Democrats support the disastrous law to this day.

Whether intentionally or not, these Democrats were complicit with Obama in the many misleading statements — or outright lies — he told us about how terrific the health care reform law would be.

A stunning 17-minute YouTube video compiles the many claims the president made publicly while pitching his so-called health care reform legislation:


The president told Americans not to worry, they would be able to keep their current physicians after his massive health care system overhaul passed Congress; that insurance premiums would fall by $2,500 annually.

However, people are now finding out their premiums are rising significantly, and are unsure whether they’ll always be able to keep their doctors if forced into a new government-approved health plan.

Obamacare Republic is excerpted from Delco Conservative

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