Pa. To Use UC Money To Save State Jobs

The State House has approved a bill to take money from unemployment compensation taxes and use it keep workers at unemployment centers from losing their jobs and pay for “infrastructure” improvements to the service centers, reports State Rep. Jim Cox (R-129).

That would be a definition of irony if it were written by Ambrose Bierce.

Cox says House Bill 26 would divert a portion of employee unemployment compensation taxes to be deposited into a newly established fund known as the Service and Infrastructure Fund.

Money deposited into this fund would allow the Department of Labor and Industry to improve the “quality, efficiency and timeliness of services” provided by unemployment compensation centers, Cox said.

The bill aims to save the department from unemployment compensation service center closures and personnel cuts that would further degrade services to claimants, Cox said.

So were employers paying too much in unemployment comp taxes allowing
for a surplus to be used to save these state workers and improve the
infrastructure as per the bill? Was there a surplus in the unemployment
fund with our great booming economy?

Maybe if the employers paid lower taxes they would not have to lay so many people off and we would not need so many state workers in the unemployment office. Was that considered?

Ninety-nine weeks of “funemployement”. Wheeeee.

Hey, what’s money but magic green paper anyway?

The measure now goes before the Senate for consideration.

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