Pennsylvania Non Citizen Voters Confirmed At 11,198

Pennsylvania Non Citizen Voters Confirmed At 11,198 — The Democrat Wolf Administration has confirmed that 11,198 non-citizens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania.

Whether they have in recent elections has yet to be ascertained.

Gov. Wolf fought to release the information until finally succumbing to the persistence of State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (R-12).

Still, the information was not released until after the November election.

Metcalfe is demanding that they be immediately removed from the voter rolls. That this didn’t happen automatically is remarkable.

11,198 Non Citizen Voters Confirmed In Pa.
Pennsylvania Non Citizen Voters Confirmed At 11,198

3 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Non Citizen Voters Confirmed At 11,198”

  1. Yes, remarkable that this didn’t happen automatically. The rule of law demands that voting is a right attendant to citizenship. Perhaps if more of the politically disenchanted paid more attention to issues involving the rule of law and supporting it across various specific issues, we could become a better and more united America. Partisan politics is often a dirty and unpleasant distraction from what is really the systemic destruction of our shared American values (yes, they exist!)–focus on the rule of law because when that disappears, there is anarchy. Bill, I know you’ll keep us updated on how we can support Rep. Metcalfe’s efforts in supporting the rule of law here.

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