Senatorial Profiteering Alleged

Senatorial Profiteering Alleged — Senators Richard Burr of North Carolina and Kelly Loeffler of Georgia are facing allegations that they profited greatly from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Both are accused of selling hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock after being briefed on the disease during their legislative duties. Sen. Loeffler, also reportedly bought stock in a telecommuting firm, a rather prescient purchase.

The market tanked by almost 10,000 points after the briefing.

Both are Republicans. If the reports are true, they should resign and face the same charges the rest of us would regarding insider trading.

Burr, who heads the Senate Intelligence Committee, has been a strange defender of Deep State interests. He has attacked President Trump’s firing of problematic FBI Director James Comey . He has also sought to keep the fires burning on the debunked claims that Trump colluded with the Russians.

Senatorial Profiteering Alleged
Senatorial Profiteering Alleged

One thought on “Senatorial Profiteering Alleged”

  1. I don’t blame them for taking info they had and making use of it. Unless they have violated current laws defining and penalizing “insider trading”, I’d say rather it’s canny management of their investments.
    Hugh Hewitt mentioned a week-and-a-half ago or so that it’s a good time to buy stock in delivery services and similar businesses, as the school and business closings started.
    It only sounds like they heard info, hardly secret, and made sound decisions about their stocks.

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