Seth Rich Story Ignored

Seth Rich Story Ignored
Thank you President Trump

Seth Rich Story Ignored — Guess what story did not make the pages establishment media. That’s right, the revelation that murdered Democrat National Committee Voter Data Director Seth Rich was the Wikileaks source regarding dirty deeds by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

In other words, not the Russians.

What story is being pushed by the media minions of the deep state? That President Trump is going to be impeached because he warned Russia that laptop computers can be disguised as bombs to blow up airplanes. It almost deserves an LOL.

And if this is so vitally secret why did the Washington Post expose this? The Russians weren’t going to tell ISIS.

The deep state is a swamp filled with snakes. It must be drained.

Seth Rich Story Ignored

3 thoughts on “Seth Rich Story Ignored”

  1. The laptop situation has been public knowledge for a month or more; that it was a product of Israeli spying came from WaPo, not the WH. Also everybody wants to misquote Comey’s memo then bloviate about it; according to Comey (second hand) Trump’s statement was a declarative sentence stating his wishes; not a request and certainly not an order.

  2. “The deep state is a swamp filled with snakes. It must be drained.”
    Yes! Let’s drain the swamp! let’S LOCK HER UP!

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