Snarlin’ Arlen’s Low Blow Against Admiral Joe

I think I might change my bet and put it on Admiral Joe “I Believe The World Is Burning To The Ground” Sestak as to who is going to be the Democratic nominee in this year’s Pennsylvania senate race. 

During last night’s Democratic candidate’s forum in Lancaster, incumbent Arlen “I Believe The World Is Burning To The Ground Too” Specter compared missed votes by the 7th District’s congressman to going AWOL in the Navy. It turned out that a lot of the votes Sestak missed were due to his spending time with his dying father who passed away in September. 
And Sestak, of course, had been hammering away throughout the night on the votes that Specter didn’t miss as a Republican in support of the Bush agenda which was not making Arlen a darlin’ with the Dems paying attention to the face-off.
Specter’s statement is akin to the bone-headed claim made by GOP incumbent Curt Weldon in the 2006 congressional race that Sestak should have been sending his four-year-old daughter to a Philadelphia-area hospital to treat her brain tumor. It was about then I thought Weldon might actually lose the race.
Still, to seal the deal Sestak did require a very strange last minute raid by federal agents on the homes and businesses of friends and relatives of Weldon — a raid which, btw, has yet to lead to any charges against the principals or serious charges against anybody
Maybe, I won’t change my bet.
If Sestak should wind up being the Dems’ pick, however, almost sure-bet GOP-nominee Pat Toomey  must keep in mind that Sestak is basically a nice guy. He doesn’t seem to hate anybody. He’s not sneaky. He’s not a liar. He’s not a thief. He’s not lazy. He’s not irresponsible, well perhaps intellectually but not in terms of keeping commitments and such.
What Sestak is, however, is an outspoken, staunch, true-blue believer in things that will make our lives much, much harder if they should ever be instituted. He is actually much worse than Arlen Specter whose constituency is first and perhaps only Arlen Specter.
If Toomey sticks to the issues, he’s going to win easily against either candidate.

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