Socialism Helps Some People

Socialism Helps Some People — For those condemning the naivety of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Beto O’Rourke and New York Mayor Bill De Blasio in promoting socialism, remember it actually does help some.

Maria Gabriela Chavez, the daughter of the late Venezuela strongman Hugo Chavez, has $4.2 billion stashed away in various places. Fidel Castro’s net worth was estimated at $900 million.

So yes, some people can do really well under socialism. Please don’t think the advocates for it are just naive.

Pushing this particular economic system has done pretty well, after all, for Elizabeth Warren (net worth $18 million).

Here’s song to spell it out:

Socialism Helps Some

4 thoughts on “Socialism Helps Some People”

  1. You see, it shows you that much can be done with other people’s money. Too bad the naive people (useful idiots, if you will) who support socialism (like so many millennials if you believe polls –though most can’t explain what it is) don’t realize that the only people doing well under socialism are the crooks who run the system. Chavez’ daughter has billions and 99 percent of the population has no toilet paper or food, in a once relatively prosperous country with vast resources.

    Bill, you mention quite a threesome of socialist supporters. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who seems to know nothing about history or economics but is the darling of social media –perhaps the new Kim Kardashian. Beto who if he ever really knew anything forgot it before his recent interview but the one thing he thinks he knows is that our Constitution is passe. And of course, Bill De Blasio, nee Warren Wilhelm, Jr., with his stellar record for the people: “Federal and state prosecutors concluded that the mayor acted on behalf of donors seeking favors from the city and the other said that some of their practices appeared to violate ‘the intent and spirit’ of the law.”

    As that song goes, “when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn”?

  2. — don’t realize that the only people doing well under socialism are the crooks who run the system.–

    This can’t be repeated enough. Socialism is a scam. Socialism is a scam. Socialism is a scam.

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