TikTok Blackmail Tool

TikTok Blackmail Tool — CrazyDaysandNights.net commonly known at CDAN is the most entertaining gossip site on the WWW. Granted, its claims should be taken with a large dose of salt but it was way ahead of the curve exposing Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and Kevin Spacey.

Anyway, on July 8 it posted an item describing how information gleaned from those who downloaded Chinese social media app TikTok is being used to blackmail celebrities.

Just a word to the wise.

TikTok Blackmail Tool

TikTok Blackmail Tool

2 thoughts on “TikTok Blackmail Tool”

  1. India banned Tik Tok, and didn’t they fudge up one of Pres. Trumps rallies (and I ask because our news media in Canada lies and slants so much it is absolutely worthless, but our Democrat and UN one world supported PM Butts (of WWF fame corruption) and his Trudeau puppets LIEberal government pays them with our debt and tax dollars.) Yep the SJW criminals run the world almost. Common sense is gone and as i think you have said a country without a good law and order system (as North America has/ had) cannot prosper.

  2. I just love the people who blindly accept the latest technological development that comes down the pike, without a second thought. Then when something like this happens, they’re upset.
    We might advance technologically, but emotionally and in terms of our intelligence, we’re getting dumber.

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