Toomey Up By 8 In Today’s Mcall Poll

The poll touted as showing a momentum shift in Pennsylvania’s senate race to Democrat Joe Sestak six days ago , now has Republican Pat Toomey up by 8 points.

The Muhlenberg  College/Allentown Morning Call poll released Oct. 20 had Sestak preferred by 44 percent of likely voters to 41 percent of Pat Toomey. The news created waves of hope among Democrats since Toomey had been leading in the poll since May and  Rasmussen Reports had, the week before, declared the Keystone State to be a solid GOP pickup.

Today’s poll has Toomey preferred 48 percent to 40 percent.

The Muhlenberg/Morning Call Poll, it should be noted, has not shown Sestak ahead other than Oct. 20. It had the race tied on Oct. 21 at 43 percent and a steadily increasing lead by Toomey since .

Toomey’s performance in the second and final debate , Oct. 22, seems to have helped him.

Rasmussen Reports has not had Toomey behind since May albeit its last one saw the margin drop to 4 percent and caused them to move the race from solid GOP to toss up.

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