Trump 7th District Supporters

Trump 7th District SupportersTrump 7th District Supporters — Here is what is likely the final breakdown on who the five candidates for presidential delegates from Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District will support at Republican Convention in Cleveland, July 18-21.

Party-endorsed Michael Puppio, Joan Miller and Bob Willert have pledged themselves to the district winner on the first ballot. Ralph E. Wike III and Jan C. Ting have declared for Donald Trump.

Ting initially declared himself uncommitted as he thought he was required to do so by party rules. He came out for Trump, however, on today’s, April 20, Laura Ingraham Show.

Pennsylvania is sending 71 delegates to Republican Presidential Convention, July 18-21 in Cleveland. Seventeen will be bound to the state’s top vote-getter. The remaining 54 — three per congressional district — have no restriction but their word of honor as for whom they may vote.

Lois Kaneshiki, who chairs the Republican Liberty Caucus of Pennsylvania, has been diligently compiling the declarations of the congressional district delegates state-wide which can be found here.

For Trump supporters, a more definitive list of those who back your guy can be found here.

The horribly gerrymandered 7th District consists of parts of Delaware, Montgomery, Chester, Lancaster and Berks counties.

Trump 7th District Supporters


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