Trust The Establishment? Why? Really, Why?

Trust The Establishment? Why? Really, Why? — Purdue Pharma introduced OxyContin in 1995 and began an aggressive strategy for marketing which included basically bribing doctors to prescribe it. By Y2K, widespread abuse was being reported and three years later the Drug Enforcement Administration found Purdue’s marketing to be a cause.

Yet nothing changed. By 2017, the drug had netted the Sackler family a cool $35 billion.

Lawsuits forced Purdue into bankruptcy in 2019 but why did Purdue get a free ride for 24 years? Maybe Frank Luntz knows.

Can boys really be girls and vice versa? Our schools are insisting it is so. Why is this garbage tolerated? Why isn’t it scornfully laughed into oblivion? Betcha if your view of the world comes from the establishment news and that you accept any claim like Pavlov’s dog if it includes the word “science,” you will scornfully laugh at us for asking the question. The bell has been rung girl, now salivate.

Why is it accepted that Hillary Clinton had a private email server while serving as Secretary of State? And that the FBI never brought charges for the missing files?

Why did Facebook and Twitter censor reports of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop before the election?

Why was speculation that the Wuhan flu came from a lab rather than nature censored on the major media, especially considering that it now looks like it did?

Why does Anthony Fauci still have a government job? How did he keep it so long? How did he get it in the first place?

Why were licensed, respected physicians threatened for using hydroxychloroquine? Why was this long-used, extremely safe drug, called dangerous by the establishment?

Why do we let private corporations controlled by the one-percenters and/or foreign interests control the software used to run our elections? Why do we prioritize protecting their IP rather than election transparency? Why doesn’t Maricopa County let the Arizona Senate check their routers?

Why should we trust the establishment?

Trust The Establishment? Why? Really, Why?

One thought on “Trust The Establishment? Why? Really, Why?”

  1. Great questions that need answers! Most Americans want to know the answers to them! God grant that we get them soon!

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