Vaccine Side Effect Compensation

Vaccine Side Effect Compensation

By Bob Small

Nigel Mills, MP for Amber Valley to Boris Johnson: “We know that Covid vaccine complications are rare, but my sister suffered a very serious reaction, constant pain and losing most of her eyesight and she now cannot work . . .can we get onto making payments to those who suffered?

Boris Johnson “We are putting more money in to gather evidence for claims like the one he described.” He goes on to say how “safe” the vaccination program is.
(From Prime Minister’s Questions of Nov. 25)

According to Bloomberg News, more than 10,000 Australians” want compensation for Vaccine Side Effects.

It turns out we have a similar program, that might be considered possibly
“under the radar”.

This began as the National Childhood Vaccine Act of 1986. You can apply, electronically to the VICP (National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act).

At this point, I should mentioned that I’ve received two Pfizer shots with no ill effects.

Vaccine Side Effect Compensation

At least to my knowledge.

The WHO (World Health Organization) in their Vigitaccess chart lists
ADR’s (Adverse Side Effects) for 24 products, most of them vaccines. The Covid 19 totals are 2,457, 386 for 2020-2021. The next largest amount are 272, 202 for Flu Vaccine from 1968-2021. For full chart, see

Finally, the Catholic World Report has an article entitled “Doctors blow the whistle on vaccine deaths and injuries”

Now, I’ll return to my experience. My GP, who I trust implicitly, advised me to be vaccinated, due to my “underlying conditions”. I did just that preferring the jabs to my “underlying conditions causing me to be lying under”.

I’ll stress I have not had any side effects, outside of a sore left shoulder for three days after the shot (s). At no time had I heard any advice of “possible negative side effects”, and I don’t know if that would have deterred me anyhow.

However, it feels to me like this information has been buried as I only started to research it after I listened to the Nov 25 British PMQ’s.

Now, this is not the tin hat anti-Vaxxers speaking, or any partisan political rant, but our various governments speaking, but very quietly.

And the mass media speaks in a whisper.

As to the percentage of “side effects”, that’s another rabbit hole.

Vaccine Side Effect Compensation

2 thoughts on “Vaccine Side Effect Compensation”

  1. Even with the double jab and this booster jab people are getting just as sick/dying as those they blame it all on now “with out” the jab. They want you to believe it is the “unvaxed” fault this is a world wide experiment. Here in Canada they quietly told us quietly they had put aside 75 million dollars for those who have died from this untested mRNA shot, but not for the ones who still get sick with this developed new covid strain and die too or develop some debilitating side effects? This is all kept quiet their push and mandates are scary, since it’s an untested mRNA shot not a vaccine, until they changed what a really vaccine is. All the writings with the truth are considered “conspiracy theories” and there are many, this was all in the BBB Plan, the conspiracy theories are coming true as you have said before. What will happen in ten years with this world wide experiment or even the next generation, no body knows yet? …

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