Wittgenstein, Hitler And Rush

Ludwig Wittgenstein is considered one of history’s great philosophers. He was born in Austria on April 26,1889, six days after another influential Austrian, who is right now ranked third on the list of history’s top murderers behind Mao and Stalin.

Well, Wittgenstein went to school at Realschule in Linz which had a student population of 300 pupils, and one of his classmates was Adolph Hitler.

It has now been reveled that talk-show giant Rush Limbaugh and Pastor Terry Jones of maybe-I-will-maybe-I-won’t burn the Koran fame were classmates at Cape Central High School in Cape Girardeau, Mo.

Some appear to want to make an issue of this. Rush says he barely remembers the guy and wonders why people can’t accept that. He noted these same people easily accepted claims by one prominent person that he  spent 20 years in a church without being able to recall what his own minister had been preaching.

One thought on “Wittgenstein, Hitler And Rush”

  1. You might have forgotten the last “Great One” who used Herr Wittgenseitn’s famous proposition of “it depends on what is is”.

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