Woman To Challenge Trump For GOP Nomination

Form John Gilmore

Reverend Audrey Addison Williams age 67, eho will announce formally, that  she is challenging Donald Trump for the Republican nomination for President of the United States of America in Naples, Florida 2 p.m., Friday July 10 v Southern Style Restaurant has released this statement.

My Candidacy and my Administration shall reinvent, recreate, and reenergize the Party of Lincoln by offering visionary leadership, ethical, responsible, mature governance that offers every citizen access to opportunity;  igniting a massive grassroots movement of citizens who are  actively engaged in every aspect of political life, informed, productive, creative and innovative citizens of the United States of America.

As a fiscal conservative I understand that instead of taxing wealth, together we implement policies and practices that create wealth on the grassroots.

The future of our nation depends on our ability to bring marginalized voices, the wisdom of the original peoples the heart, soul and brilliance of people of color into governance at every level in ways that infuse our government with enthusiasm, passion and commitment for a free enterprise system that is truly free and offers every American an opportunity to create and sustain wealth.

I invite my black brothers and sisters and women to return to the party of economic opportunity for all. It was the Republican Party that formed to end slavery in the South; the first blacks elected to Congress were Republicans who defended at first the right of black men to vote and protected access to the polls. We have strayed a long long way from our roots, this present national and global crises is an urgent call to return to the Party of Lincoln and  re imagine what a nation truly of the people by all the people and dare to work together to create legislation, new institutions and new systems that shifts our beloved nation from fear to love and from divisive bi partisanship  to spirit of collaboration ad joyful co creation honoring the very best from all perspectives and political ideologies

This is a moment of reckoning from our collective past, we are witnessing the last vestiges of a dying ideology, and White Supremacy and Patriarchy are dying a painful and very public death. There is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to top the demise of two evil and destructive systems that are anti the very life force which is creativity and the desire to know that one’s life has value and that one can make a difference.

The lie of White Supremacy has been exposed on the global stage and the world has decided that the reign of a culture of domination, acquisition, aggression, control and greed has to end.  There are no winners despite the perception that White people are winning we are all weary, tired and there is a soul longing to make love and not war, our deepest yearning is for connection.

Together, we will heal the soul of America and chart a very different path forward with no one excluded. .I will be the President of all Americans. In order to facilitate the process of healing we must admit to and acknowledge our collective past and make amends. We must correct the imbalance of the feminine and masculine by bringing powerful spiritually aware, brilliant women into governance at the highest levels of governance My Cabinet will be 70% women.

I want us to focus on what “we the people” can do together between now and election day to heal our country, to bring immediate relief to those suffering from this pandemic and to build bridges that unite all races and honors the contributions of my ancestors and Indigenous peoples.

Please, hear me, we do not have to wait for government we can ensure testing is available we can calm the fears, we can bring financial resources to women and minority owned business eEnterprise hurt by this pandemic. Starting now we can offer comfort and a new vision that replaces anxiety with hope replaces fear with faith in who we are together and faith in the Divine vision given to our forefathers

In 2016, $ 6.1 billion went into all of the political races; and how have you or I benefited. We must say no to political contributions that go into ads that perpetuate the us vs. them, instead let us seed a fund with 2 billion dollars to revitalize neighborhoods and build thriving industrial centers, manufacturing centers, schools, libraries technical centers. .

Woman To Challenge Trump For GOP Nomination
Woman To Challenge Trump For GOP Nomination

13 thoughts on “Woman To Challenge Trump For GOP Nomination”

  1. This is superficial and quite silly.

    Does the Reverend not understand the process involved? Isn’t Primary season essentially over. With less than four months to the election, realistically how many states ballots can the Reverend appear on. Or does she simply believe she is entitled to the nomination.

  2. Ummm, Let me guess. She’s a Black, Feminist, Earth-loving environmentalist, BLM activist, Democrat.

    No Thanks!

    1. No. She’s a Republican. She has been all of her life and so was her Father. In fact I think he was involved in politics for a big part of her life. She is just an old school Republican like the ones in the 50s and 60s, and even the 70s..

        1. That only proves that you are correct that she’s black. You said, “Ummm, Let me guess. She’s a Black, Feminist, Earth-loving environmentalist, BLM activist, Democrat. No Thanks!” Do you have any source to back up the rest of your accusation?

  3. Remember the movie Rollerball, the James Caan one? How about The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Richard Dawson? The corporate sports villains in those movies would be the guys fighting Donald Trump.

    Here’s something I’d like all progressives to ponder: Trump is the first guy since Eisenhower to actually take on the Military Industrial Complex. He is the first President not to start a major military endeavor since Carter.

    He has drawn down troops in Syria and Afghanistan causing blind hate among the generals. Remember when Iran seized British ships and attacked a Saudi oil refinery? Rather than respond by killing hundreds of innocent peons, he kept cool and waited for the right moment taking out the SOB responsible and his handful of equally guilty entourage.

    In Washington, party is meaningless. The Post, the Times, the generals, the CIA, the FBI, big pharma, big tech, Hollywood, and corporate America hate Trump.

    That’s a pretty good indication he is one of the good guys.

    By the way, how many progressives know why Trump left The Reform Party? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maowkilRvZE

    Regarding “the patriarchy” that’s pretty much of a myth. Doubt me? Okay ladies, who were the ones who got stuck digging the outhouse pits and sewer lines?

    On a more serious note, if we should somehow forget how to use electric motors and internal combustion engines, and germ theory and antibiotics and the life expectancy was halved we will end up with sex roles circa 1900 and the many millennia before.

    Don’t let the globalist divide us, and remember that the Chinese are the biggest bigots in the world.

    1. Our rented house in Kensington was the epitome of white supremacy. Remember my amazement when I was ten and learned that some folks had sinks and bathtubs with TWO faucets, not just the cold one.

        1. “Corridor? We used to dream of livin’ in ‘t corridor. Would’ve seemed like a palace to us! We ‘ad to live in ‘t hole in the road. An’ every morning we had to get oop and lick road clean wit’ toong.”

      1. My father had to live in the projects. When he got a job they through him out in less than 30 days. He had to move the whole family to this horrible hole of a house he somehow bought and had to fix up. The policy in the projects was that when you started to make enough money to get your own housing they would let you save up enough to have a smooth transition for your family and get a good place to live. That was only for white people. Since he was black he and his family were thrown out on the street. That’s white privilege.

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