Broadband Expansion Requires Net Neutrality Law

Broadband Expansion Requires Net Neutrality Law

By Allie X

The unresolved issue of net neutrality, or how to best ensure a free and open internet, deserves clarification.  The idea that online users can access websites without being blocked unfairly by ISPs (internet service providers) is one that nearly everyone backs.  But policies enacted in the name of net neutrality have caused challenges for internet companies and stymie infrastructure investment.

Though the internet was neutral, open, and expanding, Obama appointee Tom Wheeler over at the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) decided to flip perfectly good policy on its head in 2015 and saddle the internet with public utility regulations taken straight out of the Depression Era. Title II of the Communications Act, created in the 1930s, belabors efforts of internet companies to invest in their networks and innovate products and services for their customers. 

Thankfully, the current FCC is working to take steps to undo the harm and reverse Title II, but we need a long-term solution. 

We need Congress to end this cycle of regulatory chaos that is causing more harm than good to a nation trying to expand its digital networks and online opportunities to more communities. It’s time for pro-consumer legislation that treats all members of the internet ecosystem equally yet enables the internet to evolve and reach even more citizens of PA without heavy regulations.

Broadband Expansion Requires Net Neutrality Law

Broadband Expansion Requires Net Neutrality Law

William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 4-12-17

A curious person in 2012 took over 420,000 routers, uninterrupted power supplies, printers and other internet-enabled devices whose passwords nobody bothers to change from the default to see who used the internet. His probes created a visual mosaic of the World Wide Web. He then quietly deleted his code. His deed is called the Carna Botnet.

He found that of the then 4.3 billion possible IPv4 addresses about 2.3 billion were not used.

As 32-bit IPv4  has been replaced by 128-bit IPv6 — which provides for a lot, lot, lot more addresses, 3.4×1038, to be exact — 2012 is probably the last time such a census was possible.

4.3 billion is 4.3 x 109.

William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 4-12-17 Carna Botnet

Carna Botnet was last time internet census was possible

Best Page In Universe

Best Page Universe Best Page Universe -- Gather children and we will reveal what things were like when the World Wide Web dawnedBest Page Universe — Gather children and we will reveal what things were like when the World Wide Web dawned by providing this link to The Best Page in The Universe.

It hasn’t been updated since 1998 but the links still work.

Yes, that really is how most web pages looked and the incisive commentary on BPitU was really quite common.

Incisive commentary is sarcasm, son.

Maybe someday we will tell you about Usenet.

UPDATE: The Best Page in The Universe has been updated. It even has Facebook links now. Nice to see history appreciated and maintained.

Best Page Universe How The Web Once Looked Like


Dave Aho Iconic Computer Geek?

Dave Aho Iconic Computer Geek? — We have been informed that the computer geek of legend whose image has been flying around the World Wide Web since its birth is Dave Aho of New Hampshire.

Here is the article that we ran in April.

Here is the iconic photo:

Iconic Computer Nerd Dave Aho

Here is Dave’s photo from his Facebook page.

Dave Aho

We cannot, obviously, make a definitive determination but at least there is a name to start with.

Dave Aho Iconic Computer Geek?

Brave Web Browser Now Default Here

Brave Web Browser Now Default — We have been experimenting with the Brave web browser for the last two months and have just made it our default replacing Firefox.

Brave is free and open sourced and is based on the Chromium engine.

It is the project of Brendan Eich who, in 2014,  was chased by the self-proclaimed defenders of tolerance from the Mozilla Foundation that he co-founded. Eich had contributed $1,000 to California Proposition 8 that held only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California. That made him a bad man in the eyes of holier-than-thou progressives.

Prop 8 easily won but was deemed unconstitutional by activist judges.

Among the Mozilla products is Firefox.

Anyway, Brave is much faster than Firefox and doesn’t seem to slow to the point where a restart of the program is required as has been our experience with the Fox. It also appears more respectful of privacy than Google Chrome.Brave Web Browser Now Default Here

You can find out more about here and here.

You can download it here. 

Brave Web Browser Now Default

Wikileaks Project Veritas New Journalism

Wikileaks Project Veritas New Journalism — Journalism is giving you facts that you don’t know but should.

The traditional media has long lost its independence and has long-stopped practicing journalism. If there is a fact that you should know but the corporate overlords prefer that you don’t, then you will not learn of it from TV or a daily newspaper. Wikileaks Project Veritas New Journalism

The internet is about the last place left for the trade to be practiced.

Wikileaks revelations that the Clinton campaign is in the pocket of the money people and is collaborating with tame media has rocked the campaign.  Hillary’s damning emails are on the Wikileaks’ website here for the world to see.  No gatekeeper is needed.

Project Veritas’ investigation into election manipulation by felons with strong connections to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton has forced the removal of two shady characters — Scott Foval and Robert Creamer — from the Clinton campaign.

PV’s stories regarding this very real assault on democracy can be found here and here. Before the media became corrupted they would have won Pulitzer Prizes.

You would never have learned of these very relevant-to-your-lives matters from the old media.

Wikileaks Project Veritas New Journalism

Dilbert Shadow Banned Due To Trump Support

Dilbert Shadow Banned Due To Trump Support — Scott Adams, who pens the comic strip Dilbert, is not what one considers a typical right winger. However, he has come out for Donald Trump as many of us have because his opponent is a thief and liar, and because The Donald is not intimidated by political correctness and addresses obvious and consequential realities.

Dilbert Shadow Banned Due To Trump SupportThis exercise of Adam’s political rights has led to repercussions. He his been subject to pointless personal attacks by the self-proclaimed “tolerant and enlightened” but that goes with the territory of expressing an opinion.

More disgraceful and troubling is his “shadow banning” by Twitter. Shadow banning is banning a user from a web forum in such a way that he is unaware of the ban. It is a particularly sneaky and despicable form of censorship.

Adams learned of his banning when his many followers informed him they were not seeing his tweets. The ban has apparently been lifted after protests. That someone in authority at the failing company thought he could get away with it, however, shows why the company is failing.

Censoring political speech is never justice — social or otherwise.

Dilbert Shadow Banned Due To Trump Support


Google Filter Bubble

Google Filter BubbleGoogle Filter Bubble — Google creates a profile built on one’s browsing history — including places like Facebook and Youtube — to direct one’s searches using its product.

This is why people searching for the same word often end up with different first pages when using Google.

Google makes assumptions on what one might be looking for hence one might never find what one wants.

DuckDuckGo, its Paoli-based competitor that does not use tracking, explains it here.

By the way, did you see where Facebook is making news stories disappear that don’t match their political preference?

Google Filter Bubble



Mountain View Monster Email Escape

Mountain View Monster Email Escape — Google has obvious issues for those concerned about privacy. Paoli-based DuckDuckGo is an alternative for browsing the web but what about for those who depend on an email service like Gmail? Mountain View Monster Email Escape

And want it free.

In a Quora discussion, the most promising suggestions appear to be and

Unlike with DuckDuckGo, which we use constantly, we can’t vouch for them from experience. We strongly suspect they are better than something associated with Google, however, and are certainly a starting point for those wishing to wean themselves from the clutches of the Mountain View Monster.

Hat tip Bob Small of Delco Debates.

Mountain View Monster Email Escape — Google is Watching Google is Watching