DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance — DuckDuckGo’s head honcho Gabriel Weinberg shot off an unfortunate tweet, March 9, in which he declared the Duck would “down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation.”

Free speech defenders are shouting treason and abandoning DDG for other search engines, mostly for the one affiliated with the Brave browser.

One stupid tweet does not a cancel make and we are sticking with DDG as it still gets our little site far more finds than much bigger, and far more evil, Google.

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance
Gab Weinberg’s stupid tweet from March 9

Hopefully, Weinberg understands the ire, though, and grows a bit in his thinking.

The anger comes from a loss of trust.

Who’s to say what “disinformation” is? The New York Post reported in October 2020 that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained sexual misconduct and evidence of financial impropriety that involved China — and his father.

It was literally called “Russian disinformation” and the Post was banned from social media because of it.

Now, the story is pretty much confirmed. Ponder that Biden voters.

Are reports that a reason for the Russian invasion of the Ukraine was biolabs funded by the U.S. to avoid restrictions on domestic research true? A week ago we were mocking it, not so much here but in other places. Now, we are walking it back.

Frankly, we shouldn’t have mocked it in the first place considering how we early covered claims that the U.S. funded gain-of-function research in the Wuhan lab from which Covid-19 is thought to have escaped.

Or twisted research in which beagles were tortured to death away from prying eyes.

That our tax money is going to foreign labs for experiments banned here ought to raise questions. It could very well mean that high-ranking American officials are guilty of crimes against humanity.

Hey Gabe, instead of hiding something, explain why you think things are untrue. You have the resources for research. Cite your sources and bring your receipts. Don’t be lazy and don’t pretend to debunk something that you can’t.

We are willing to give the Duck a second chance. For what it’s worth, we quickly found with it the link above to the Tucker Carlson story just using the keyword “biolab”.

And we are not dissing Brave. While we still think its search engine has a little ways to go, it is an excellent browser that we have been using for six years.

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance

One thought on “DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance”

  1. Woops, I also use Duck Duck Go. I do not go on twitter or FB etc. sites so did not know about that tweet. I don’t support the UN WEF planted fascist globalist Zelenski and his thugs as I do not support WEF planted fake feminist Trudeau or Biden same group of globalist NWO thugs and their bought out medias etc.
    Russia’s Putin, maybe a very bad man as our medias tell us, and a “hated communist” supposedly who we were ?propaganda like taught to hate him (like Pres. Trump or PM S. Harper etc.). Though Pres. Putin has sounded much more truthful especially with what he has said regarding this war, much, much more so than our own bought out WEF placed totalitarian leaders especially Trudeau, out hating us, lying to us all, anti Canadian, open borders for there UN forced migrations, CRT, confusing sexual misinformation to our young children in their schools, in Ontario this sexual info taught was written by a now proven pedophile in our government? no such thing as male or female and what are parents? poof gone. sick sick I do not believe any of these leaders, abortions? killing millions of babies? just for sexual freedom? etc. NOT Allowed in Russia, I had heard/read of these secret bio labs years ago, Putin said they were there before he attacked Ukraine and all the people running out of Ukraine as I would have too, Russia also had a huge influx of people, before he started the attack he helped them out, many Ukrainians too with the Russians who were being attacked by Ukraine’s military for over ten years, thousands of them killed. We never hear this in our fake media.
    I listen and read from around the world, used to be able to get news in English, now much of it has been blocked, soon our freedom of speech and thought will be blocked in Canada these laws are being pushed through now here. I know I do not believe most of these fake globalist leaders and their news is mostly bad, propaganda or outright lies.
    I so appreciate sites like this wonderful site. Thank you so much for your hard work and sharing it truthfully and very often with great humor and very interesting facts, I love it, always a good read I look forward to.

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