Iconic Computer Geek Mystery

Iconic Computer Geek Mystery — This picture has been flying around the internet almost from the time the World Wide Web came into existence. Iconic Computer Geek

The computer appears to be an IBM XT, which was produced from 1983 to 1987. The printer is dot matrix, the brand of which we can’t identify. The boxes contain 3M 5.25-inch floppy disks and there is a phone jack screwed to the wall presumably for a line for a dial-up modem.

What makes the photo iconic, though, is the guy behind the keyboard. The cigarette, the hairstyle, the glasses, taste in clothes and overweight slouch screamed that here is someone who spent all his days and nights acquiring arcane skills and dealing with the problems to keep the machines working.

And drinking a lot of carbonated, caffeinated sugar water.

Many uncharitably assume the cheap paneling is in a basement rec room. We always figured it was in a small business maybe because we worked at one once about that time with that decor.

In 2011, a photo was placed on Reddit claiming to be the same guy 20 years later and much cleaned up before the same paneling. It was republished on tech sites world wide.

No name was supplied though. He deserves one. He’s part of history.

Here is the alleged before and after shot.

Iconic Computer Geek Mystery

If you know his name let us know.

Update: We have been told that the icon’s name is Dave Aho and the second guy is not him. Obviously, we cannot provide a definitive judgement but here is Dave’s photo from Facebook.


Iconic Computer Geek Mystery

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