Kennedy Reveals Tapper Pharma Mouthpiece

Kennedy Reveals Tapper Pharma Mouthpiece — Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has penned a response to attacks by CNN talking head Jake Tapper, that brutally exposes Tapper for the fraud of a journalist he is.

Kennedy makes it beyond clear that Tapper is a mouthpiece for crony America especially Big Pharma, and his willingness to cover up lies and corruption has caused death and suffering to Americans, especially children, for almost two decades.

We are publishing a chunk of it below with a link to the rest.

In other news David Sassoli, the president of the vaccine-mandating European Parliament, died today, Jan. 11, due to “abnormal functioning of his immune system.”

He had been in the hospital since Dec. 26. He was 65.

While correlation does not equal causation only a fool does not consider it.

French virologist and Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier predicted in May that the vaccines would weaken immune systems via antibody dependent enhancement.

Here is the start of Kennedy’s response to Tapper:

The Day Jake Tapper Sold His Soul to Pharma

Apparently, appalled by robust sales of my bestseller, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper — in lieu of critically reviewing the work — used his Twitter feed to unleash a barrage of ad hominem insults against me.

Breaking with the traditional restraints of journalistic neutrality, professional propriety and intellectual rigor, he branded me “dangerous,” a “menace,” a “liar,” a “grifter,” a fraud, “unhinged” and more.

But Tapper’s defamations hang in the atmosphere without substantiation or citation. If I’m a liar, then what was my lie? If I’m a grifter, then what is my personal profit or advantage? If I am a fraud, then where is my inaccurate statement?

I concede that I’m a dangerous menace, but only to the pharmaceutical industry, its captive technocrats and its media toadies.

When I responded to his slander with a respectful tweet inviting him to debate me, Tapper declined, explaining he would not debate a “conspiracy theorist.” Characteristically, he neglected to cite any conspiracy theory he believes I promoted.

And is it credible to dismiss me as a conspiracy theorist unworthy of debate? After all, I am founder and former president of the world’s largest water protection group, and founder and current chairman of one of the largest children’s health advocacy groups.

I’ve won hundreds of successful lawsuits, including milestone victories against Monsanto, DuPont, Exxon, Smithfield Foods and leading polluters from the chemical, carbon, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. (Many of these also initially dismissed me as a “conspiracy theorist.”)

My current book, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” may be the most heavily footnoted volume to ever sit atop global best-seller lists for six consecutive weeks. With 500,000 copies sold, it has attracted a whopping 5,500+ five-star reviews (92%).

Despite extreme hostility toward this volume from mainstream media and the medical cartel, no one has yet identified a factual inaccuracy in its 250,000 words.

If my book is baseless conspiracy theories, then shouldn’t Mr. Tapper welcome an opportunity to correct me with facts or arguments that go beyond name-calling?

Allow me, then, to offer my own theory for Mr. Tapper’s apoplexy.

Many people make Faustian bargains during their lives, trading personal integrity for material advantage. Oftentimes the metamorphosis occurs as a gradual erosion of moral fiber. Occasionally it happens in an instant; a man stands at a moral crossroads and chooses the dark side.

I happened to have a front-row seat when Jake Tapper had his moment of moral crisis. I’m guessing his fierce vitriol toward me is a reaction to his embarrassment that I was witness to the instant when Mr. Tapper chose career over character.

In July 2005, Jake Tapper was ABC’s senior producer when the network ordered him to pull a lengthy exposé on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) secret 2000 Simpsonwood conference.

Here is the background:

In 1999, in response to exploding epidemics of autism and other neurological disorders, CDC decided to study its vast Vaccine Safety Datalink — the medical and vaccination record of millions of Americans, archived by the top HMOs — to learn whether the dramatic escalation of the vaccine schedule, beginning in 1989, was a culprit. CDC’s in-house epidemiologist, Thomas Verstraeten, led the effort.

Verstraeten’s initial data run suggested that mercury-containing hepatitis B vaccines — administered during the first month of life — were associated with a wide range of neurological injuries, including a dramatic 1,135% rise in autism risks among vaccinated children.

Verstraeten’s findings propelled CDC into DEFCON 1. The agency’s top vaccine officials summoned 52 pharmaceutical industry leaders, the foremost vaccinologists from academia and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), and public health regulators from the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), CDC, World Health Organization (WHO) and European Medicines Agency to a secret two-day meeting at the remote Simpsonwood retreat center in Norcross, Georgia, to strategize about how to hide these awful revelations from the public.

In 2005, I obtained the explosive transcripts of this meeting and was about to publish excerpts in Rolling Stone (Deadly Immunity, July 18, 2005). Those recordings, ironically, portrayed these leading kingpins of the vaccine cartel poised at their own moral brink, and chronicled their collapse into corruption over two sickening days of debate.

Most of these individuals were physicians and regulatory officials who had committed their lives to public health out of idealism and deep concern for children. Verstraeten’s data confronted them with the fact that the cumulative mercury levels in all those new vaccines they had recommended had overdosed a generation of American children with mercury concentrations over a hundred times the exposures the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency considered safe.

In recommending a vast battery of new vaccines for children, public health regulators had somehow neglected to calculate the cumulative mercury and aluminum loads in all the new jabs.

Dr. Peter Patriarca, the then-director of the FDA Office on Vaccine Research and Review, expressed the general feeling of horror when he asked why no one had calculated the cumulative mercury exposure to children as policymakers added this cascade of new vaccines to the childhood schedule: “Conversion of the percentage thimerosal to actual micrograms of mercury involves ninth-grade algebra. What took the FDA so long to do the calculations?”

In the tense days leading up to the Simpsonwood conclave, children’s health champion Dr. Ruth Etzel of the EPA pleaded with her fellow public health leaders to publicly admit they made a terrible mistake by inadvertently poisoning American children, and to repair the damage.

Dr. Etzel urged AAP and the government regulators to handle the crisis with the same honesty and public remorse that Johnson & Johnson had demonstrated on discovering toxic chemicals in its Tylenol formulations:

“We must follow three basic rules: (1) act quickly to inform pediatricians that the products have more mercury than we realized; (2) be open with consumers about why we didn’t catch this earlier; (3) show contrition. If the public loses faith in the Public Health Services recommendations, then the immunization battle will falter. To keep faith, we must be open and honest and move forward quickly to replace these products.”

Confronted with scientific proof of their role in the chronic disease calamity, the cabal did exactly the opposite. The shocking Simpsonwood transcripts show Dr. Patriarca and the other public health panjandrums warning each other of their reputational liabilities, their vulnerability to litigation by plaintiffs’ lawyers and potential damage to the vaccine program.

Dr. Patriarca cautioned that public disclosure of CDC’s explosive findings would make Americans feel that the FDA, CDC and vaccine policymakers had been “asleep at the switch” for decades in allowing Thimerosal to remain in childhood vaccines.

Over two days of intense discussion, these Big Pharma operatives and government technocrats persuaded each other to transform their disastrous error into villainy — by doubling down and hiding their mistake from the public.

Tapper saw an early draft of my Rolling Stone story and proposed that, in exchange for exclusivity, he would do a companion piece for ABC timed to air on the magazine’s publication day.

Tapper spent several weeks working on the story with me and a team of enthusiastic ABC reporters and technicians. During his frequent conversations with me over that period, he was on fire with indignation over the Simpsonwood revelations. He acted like a journalist hoping to win an Emmy.

The day before the piece was to air, an exasperated Tapper called me to say that ABC’s corporate officials ordered him to pull the story. The network’s pharmaceutical advertisers were threatening to cancel their advertising.

“Corporate told us to shut it down,” Tapper fumed. Tapper told me that it was the first time in his career that ABC officials had ordered him to kill a story.

ABC had advertised the Simpsonwood exposé, and its sudden cancellation disappointed an army of vaccine safety advocates and parents of injured children who deluged the network with a maelstrom of angry emails.

In response, ABC changed tack and publicly promised to air the piece. Instead, following a one-week delay, the network duplicitously aired a hastily assembled puff piece promoting vaccines and assuring listeners that mercury-laden vaccines were safe.

The new “bait and switch” segment precisely followed Pharma’s talking points. “I’m putting my faith in the Institute of Medicine,” ABC’s obsequious medical editor, Dr. Tim Johnson, declared in closing. Two pharmaceutical advertisements bracketed the story.

After that piece aired, I called Jake to complain. He neither answered nor returned my calls.

During the 16 intervening years, Pharma has returned Mr. Tapper’s favor by aggressively promoting his career. Pfizer shamelessly sponsors Tapper’s CNN news show, announcing its ownership of the space — and Mr. Tapper’s indentured servitude — before each episode with the loaded phrase: “Brought to you by Pfizer.”

Read the rest at Children’s Health Defense

Kennedy Reveals Tapper Pharma Tool Kennedy Reveals Tapper Pharma Tool Kennedy Reveals Tapper Pharma Tool Kennedy Reveals Tapper Pharma Tool
Kennedy Reveals Tapper Pharma Tool

Activism Looms For 2022

Activism Looms For 2022

By Bob Small

2022 will be the year of the Citizen-Activist, but with a twist. They will not be tied to the right or the left or to a political party. They will encompass the whole range of beliefs.

Let us start with an underreported phonomenon in Pennsylvania.  In 2020 there were a number of write-in Candidacies, as there always are, especially for local School Boards.  However, this time there were a number of winners.  Many of these candidates have tried, in some form of vain, to have their voices heard about what their children are being taught.  They waged grassroots non-violent campaigns and now Justin Wimer, and many others will have a chance to try and influence educational policy.   

 An example from Lancaster courtesy of LancasterOnline: Lancaster judge accepts write-in misspellings in Manheim … › news › politics › lancaster-ju..

In Chester County, two community members, a scientist and a nurse, committed civil disobedience to stop construction on the Mariner East Pipeline.  In October 2021, the state Attorney General’s announced 4! criminal charges for environmental crimes against the operators albeit the \ DEP  later approved new permits!  See #HaltMarinerNow  and also Del-Chesco United for Pipeline Safety – Home | Facebook and Activists Arrested While Halting Construction on Sunoco … › headlines › activists_…

Remaining in Chester County (Willistown Township) a citizens group has formed to Save Rock Hill Farm and it’s open space.  This, like one of the cases in Swarthmore, is a scenario where developers see open space and translate it into dollar signs. 

Activism Looms For 2022

A long fight in Delaware County appears resolved when the Don Guanella property, adjacent to Cardinal O’Hara with the approval of Delaware County Council, to make it a County Park. › 2021/11/17 › delco-conti…

Lastly, Swarthmore’s Tree owners battle with PECO continues.  In this case, use DuckDuckGo for searches as Google seems to have an issue with showing this website. Info can also be found at Stop!The Tree Chop Swarthmore!,easement study, under Trust a Swarthmore Citizens group to make it as complicated as possible to locate them.

Activism Looms For 2022

Since the house is William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 1-11-22

Since the house is William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 1-11-22

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Since the house is William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 1-11-22Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: Since the house is on fire let us warm ourselves.
Italian Proverb

Since the house is William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 1-11-22