Stollsteimer Closes Vote Fraud Case . . But Wait

Stollsteimer Closes Vote Fraud Case . . But Wait — Delaware County Council, May 18, read into the record a May 4 letter from District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer that allegations of Delco vote fraud in 2020 were complete fictions and comments by election workers heard in videos released by a whistleblower were taken out of context or doctored.

The whistleblower revelations are part of a lawsuit filed in November 2021 by attorney Thomas J. Carrol on behalf of Gregory Stenstrom, Leah Hoopes and Ruth Moton.

Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes were Delaware County Board of Elections certified poll watchers and observers at the counting center. Ms. Moton, was a 2020 candidate for the 159 District in the State House.

“The investigation determined that during the processing of the Right-to-Know response, several copies of identical documents were printed,” Stollsteimer wrote in the letter. “Where election personnel identified documents as duplicates of documents already prepared for a response (in production to the Right to Know request), such duplicates were discarded. No records of the 2020 general election were destroyed, erased or withheld from the Right-to-Know request for the public generally.”

Stollsteimer said the whistleblower did not cooperate with the investigation.

He praised the Delaware County election workers for “their perseverance and dedication in the face of the relentless criticism they’ve endured since the 2020 election.”

So it’s over. Time to move on. Nothing to see.

But wait .. .

Stollsteimer says the lawsuit relies on three videos. The lawsuit, however, contains 37 video exhibits and several audio ones.

And the plaintiffs have filed a response to Stollsteimer in which his claim in his May 4, 2022, letter that he conducted an investigation following a November 2021 Newsmax story as it relates to the 2020 General Election . . .is false. Undersigned counsel, as well as counsel for the whistleblower, Regina Miller, spoke with Detective Lythgoe on April 21, 2022 and were informed by Detective Lythgoe that District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer was investigating events related to fulfilling a 2021 Right to Know Request.

Further Stollsteimer’s letter cites that his office used a “Special Investigation Unit” to conduct a criminal investigation concerning the Newsmax story but failed to disclose that Demar Moon is employed by the District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer and assigned to the Special Investigation Unit and that Moon was hired at the District Attorney’s Office as a favor to Defendant James Savage and that Stollsteimer further failed to disclose that Demar Moon was employed at the Voting Machine Warehouse under the supervision of James Savage for the November 3, 2020, election.

The response says that Stollsteimer failed to disclose that defendant Gerald Lawrence donated $2,500 his political campaign in 2019 — and $25,000 to that of Attorney General Josh Shapiro, who as AG is representing co-defendant, former Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar.

Regarding the claim of the whistleblower Regina Miller being “uncooperative and unwilling to meet with detectives” which was made in Stollsteimer’s letter and repeated before Delaware County Council, it is noted that Stollsteimer’s office refused to grant her the standard immunity agreement to reassure her that her meeting with his office would not ultimately be something used against her, nor would Stollsteimer and his people tell her who the targets of the investigation were.

The entire document is below.

The videos regarding Delaware County voting issues that perhaps were the most seen on social media can be found at

The Right to Know request was filed May 21, 2021. The videos were made on March 23 and April 19, 2021. Obviously, they have nothing to do with Right to Know.

And what do missing V-drives have to do with Right to Know?

Here are the videos:

Some final points for those who still think something doesn’t stink in Delco:

On Oct. 30, 2020 the Delaware County GOP issued a press release about voter books being given to others than the duly-elected Judges of Election to whom their care was trusted. This had never before happened in our memory.

On Nov. 6, 2020, we published this story from an anonymous poll worker.

People, you are not just allowed to be angry, you are obligated to be.

Stollsteimer Closes Vote Fraud Case .  . But Wait
Stollsteimer Closes Vote Fraud Case . . But Wait

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Owe to my angel mother William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 6-18-22