Pho Street, Delco Dining

Just had a real nice dining experience at Pho Street Vietnamese Restaurant, 204 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, Pa.

The price was very reasonable, and the food was tasty and quite different from the other area Asian restaurants.

Will Springfield become hip?

Fear not for right across the street is McGlone’s Stanley Kup Inn.

Pho Street, Delco Dining

Leiper Church Becomes Holy Myrrh Bearers

Leiper Church Becomes Holy Myrrh BearersLeiper Church Becomes Holy Myrrh Bearers


It’s  official.

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic parishes of Holy Ghost in Chester and Saints Peter and Paul in Clifton Heights will be merging to Holy Myrrh Bearers with its home at the historic former Leiper Presbyterian Church, 900 Fairview Ave., Ridley Township albeit with a Swarthmore address.

Leiber, which opened in 1819, closed Jan. 8, 2012. Among those who worshiped there were presidents Andrew Jackson, William Henry Harrison and James Buchanan.

It was purchased by the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Archeparchy of Philadelphia in March.

Holy Ghost at 3015 W. 3rd St., and Saints Peter and Paul at 100 S. Penn St., will be closed and sold.

The first service at the new church is scheduled for Sept. 28 with a blessing ceremony the day before.

The Holy Myrrh Bearers, were those involved with the burial of the Lord Jesus and the discovery of the empty tomb on Easter.

UPDATE: the first service is now scheduled for Nov. 2 with the blessing ceremony the preceding day.

Foxcatcher, Delco Shines Again

Foxcatcher, Delco Shines Again Du Pont portrait

John du Pont’s official portrait in Foxcatcher sweats on display at his estate sale in 2011 for which he paid artist Hubert Shuptrine $100,000.


Delaware County, Pa. on Feb. 22 has a better than even chance of making another Oscar appearance  — Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress for 2012 for Silver Linings Playbook — as Foxcatcher was a finalist for the Palme d’Or at the recently ended Cannes Film Festival.

The prize went to Winter Sleep, a Turkish film about class struggle (or something) in that country. Don’t expect it to compete for Best Picture.

Foxcatcher concerns the Jan. 26, 1996 murder of Olympic gold medal wrestler Dave Shultz by John du Pont at du Pont’s Foxcatcher estate and training facility in Newtown Township. It’s based on the autobiography of Shultz’s brother Mark, who was also an Olympic gold medalist that trained at the estate.

I knew du Pont. I even have an autographed copy of his book Off The Mat, which was clearly created by an abjectly bored ghost writer granted unwise access to a list of cliches.

He was nuts. You would never believe his answering machine.

I did not know Shultz who had a reputation of being a decent family man who sent his kids to the local public school, Culbertson.

Hopefully, that comes through.





UDPD Memorial Day Advice

The Upper Darby Police Department (Pa) put this out on their Facebook page at about 7:50 p.m., Saturday: Just throwing this out there in case you didn’t know: You can’t threaten to shoot your neighbor. Just a heads up. Back to your barbecues now.


UDPD Memorial Day Advice

UDPD Memorial Day Advice

Happy Delco Business Experience

We’d like to report on a happy business experience in Delaware County, Pa., namely a vehicle inspection that wound up costing just $94 including an oil change and the fixing of a tire.

It happened at Weathers Motors, 1187 West Baltimore Pike, Middletown Township (19063).

Service was prompt and pleasant. Thank you Weathers.

Happy Delco Business Experience



Business Insider Praises Wawa

Business Insider Praises Wawa — Delaware County’s own Wawa was the feature of a March 6 story by Business Insider which described it as “one of the only convenience stores on the planet with a cult following.”

We have to confess they got it right, and that the chain based in Middletown fully deserves the attention.

BI praised its hoagies which, frankly, we never tried. We think we will.

BI, however, neglected to note the coffee bar which is better tasting and less expensive than Starbucks.

And we too like the touch-screen deli menus, service and house-brand food and drinks.

Good for you, Wawa, with the national coverage. Just don’t get a big head.


Business Insider Praises Wawa

House Of Cards Delco Connection

House Of Cards Delco Connection — Netflix released its second season of its excellent Emmy-winning House of Cards series at 3:01 EST this morning, Valentine’s Day 2014.The series concerns an evil Democrat senator, his Lady Macbeth-type wife  and their Machiavellian schemes.

It has an extremely strong Delaware County, Pa. connection in that one
of the major characters in the first season was a congressman who
represented the 1st District of Pennsylvania, which includes most of the Delaware County waterfront along with Philadelphia-bordering communities such as Darby and Yeadon.\

Oh yeah and Swarthmore and Nether Providence i.e. hooty-tooty Wallingford.

Anyway, what happened to the congressman is best not revealed as there are those who might want to catch up with season one, although we can say he did look the least bit like Bob Brady.

We are looking forward to enjoying season 2.



House Of Cards Delco Connection

April Magera, John Roman Press Club Speakers

Reality television personality April Margera and veteran journalist John Roman will speak at   The Press Club Serving The
Philadelphia Suburbs,  noon, today, Jan. 15, at Margaret Kuo’s in

Mrs. Margera is a reality television personality, best known for her appearances on MTV’s Viva La Bam, Jackass, the CKY videos, Minghags: The Movie and Bam’s Unholy Union. Referred to as “Ape” by fans of the popular series, April is the mother of Bam and CKY drummer Jess, and is married to Phil Margera.

Jeff Tremaine, producer of Jackass, once referred to her as “everyone’s mom,” telling how she cooked dinner for the entire Jackass crew on their first trip to West Chester. Margera published a cookbook called April Cooks: There’s An Alligator In My Kitchen, with the title being a reference to the time that Bam put an alligator in her kitchen as part of a skit on “Jackass: The Movie.”

In 2011, Mrs. Margera opened a store, The Rose Hip Barn, in Thornton that sells refurbished furniture as well as homemade purses and accessories for the home.

John Roman is a veteran crime reporter, award winning journalist and author of the mystery thriller “Ink in His Blood.”

Roman first pounded the city streets for the former Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, then the largest evening daily newspaper in America. He covered many of Philadelphia’s top news events.

After the Bulletin closed, Roman went on to a legendary career with the Delaware County Daily and Sunday Times, covering numerous murders and crimes, including the standoff of eccentric millionaire John DuPont at his sprawling estate after he gunned down an Olympic wrestler. A veteran and highly regarded police reporter, Roman was among the first to focus on the use of DNA forensic evidence in criminal investigations. He covered the brutal rape-murder case in Delaware County in which Nick Yarris wrongfully spent 21 years on death row before being exonerated through DNA testing after he was the first death row inmate in the U.S. to request DNA testing to prove his innocence.

April Magera, John Roman Press Club Speakers


Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate

The Delaware County (Pa.) Democrats have picked Chester City’s former director of ACORN  as one of its candidates for County Council, and the GOP is shouting it loud and proud, albeit the woman in question not necessarily so. Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate

It was most recently noted at tonight’s, Sept. 18, meeting of the Springfield Republicans by party Chairman Mike Puppio

Patricia Worrell has not been referring to that bit of her life in either her campaign literature or public statements. She has also not been boasting about her job with Action United, which succeeded ACORN after it was implicated in shameless vote fraud.

Chester, it should be noted, was one of the places where ACORN was caught tilting the scales.

Ms. Worrell is running — here’s  a bit of irony — with Bill Clinton, albeit this one is an Upper Providence Councilman and has never been accused of raping anyone in an Arkansas hotel, albeit he has been a strong supporter of tax hikes in his township, according to Puppio.

Their opponents are incumbents Mario Civera Jr. and David J. White, who are basing their campaign on their record of saving the Delaware River refineries and keeping the county pension plan solvent which is actually a pretty significant achievement considering what has been going on in the rest of the state.

Puppio noted tonight that apart from the natural gas counties, Delco has the best employment record in the state.

Ex-ACORN Director Is County Council Candidate
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