Swarthmore Celeb Author Likes His Quiet In Wasilla

Swarthmore Celeb Author Likes His Quiet In Wasilla — Expose author Joe McGinniss, whose HQ was once for many years Swarthmore, Pa. has moved his base to Wasilla, Alaska right next door to Sarah Palin.

McGinniss was a sportswriter for the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin (the original one), then a columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer before hitting the big time in 1969 with the Selling Of The President, which described the marketing techniques used in the successful Nixon campaign the year before. He is best known for his true crime books Fatal Vision, Blind Faith and Cruel Doubt, all of which became TV miniseries.

McGinniss generally portrays his subjects rather unflatteringly.

McGinniss, who has written a critical magazine piece on Mrs. Palin, is allegedly writing a book about the former Alaska governor, but perhaps his move to Alaska is really motivated by a desire for peace and privacy. McGinniss has placed “no trespassing” signs all over the rented property and has threatened at least one news crew with arrest after they showed up at his door. The Palins have compassionately erected a 14-foot-high fence between the homes on his behalf.

McGinniss does appear to have a fixation on Mrs. Palin, almost  like something of out a Robert Mitchum movie — think Cape Fear or Night of the Hunter. He bid $60,100 at a Ride 2 Recovery eBay charity auction in order to win a dinner with Mrs. Palin. His bid came in second.

Still, maybe the best way for the Palins to handle this tense situation would be to invite this strange person over for coffee and cookies. The kids don’t have to be there, just Todd, Sarah and the firearms. They could set up videocameras to record the conversation, ask McGinniss a lot of personal questions and make sure he doesn’t get a copy of the tape.

OTOH, the fence works pretty well too.

Here is what Mrs. Palin has to say about it.

Swarthmore Celeb Author Likes His Quiet In Wasilla

Mechanical Failure Reportedly Not Cause Of Osprey Crash

Mechanical Failure Reportedly Not Cause Of Osprey Crash — The April 8 Bell Boeing CV-22 Osprey crash in Afghanistan was apparently not due to mechanical failure according the aviation website  FlightGlobal.Com.

The crash occurred as the craft was landing in a wadi around 1 a.m. under brown-out conditions.

Killed were the pilot, a flight engineer, an army Ranger and a civilian.  Others were injured.

The military has ruled out enemy fire.

The Osprey’s fuselage, cockpit,avionics, and flight controls are built at the Boeing Helicopter plant in Ridley Park with the rest of the machine being built by Bell Helicopter in Texas.

Mechanical Failure Reportedly Not Cause Of Osprey Crash


Wally Nunn For Governor

Former Delaware County Council Chairman Wally Nunn had this column in yesterday’s (Feb. 11) Philadelphia Inquirer in which he points out that “downsizing” is a word you never hear in Harrisburg and our elected officials ought to start using it.

He notes that of the of  the 5.6 million people working in Pennsylvania, 753,000 are government workers and that while more than 10 percent of the private workforce has found itself unemployed with the Obama recession virtually none of the government workers have.

Nunn notes that the state employs the equivalent of 160,000 full-time employees making more than $8 billion a year in salaries, and that there are 195,000 employed in teaching elementary and secondary school, making more than $10 billion. 

This is all sans benefits and pensions, of course.

Wally Nunn for governor.


Meanwhile, over in New Jersey, it looks like Gov. Chris Christie gets it.

Wally Nunn For Governor

Wally Nunn For Governor

Why The Outrage In Lower Merion?

Why The Outrage In Lower Merion? — Lower Merion fans at a high school basketball game, Tuesday, said some rather nasty things regarding host Upper Darby which brought a response from the Royals side which eventually escalated into some extraordinary ugly and anti-Semitic statements regarding LM, which has a large Jewish population. These ugly statements included things like “We’ll write you letters when you’re in Auschwitz”.

Now, this is not something that should be ignored but since Tuesday the dinosaur media has been tut-tutting over incident and the officials from both schools have been indulging in public hand-wringing and the Lower Merion parents have been calling for the heads of the perpetrators.

All well and good but I remain amazed at the angst aimed at words chanted by ignorant teenagers at a basketball game, especially since all the groups expressing it — dinosaur journalists, school officials, Jewish parents, Lower Merion Township, Pa. — voted overwhelmingly for President Obama.

And President Obama is someone:

–Whose spiritual adviser blamed all the problems in the Mideast — and 9/11 to boot — on Zionism and whose institution bestowed upon Louis Farrakhan, the Dr. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. Trumpeter Award.

–Whose FCC diversity officer called the reign of Hugo Chavez — who appears to be leading a pogrom in Venezuela“really an incredible revolution”

–Who couldn’t bring himself to lend even moral support to opponents of the rabidly anti-Semitic Ahmadinejad regime after they were cheated out of an election. BTW, did you see where Iran just  occupied an Iraqi oil well? What will President Obama do?

You can’t fault people for being fooled which may have been the case last November. By now, however, you would think they would take some of that ire aimed at teenage stupidity and point it at something of consequence.

Why The Outrage In Lower Merion?

Bill Clinton Wins

Bill Clinton Wins — I neglected to note last week that Democrat Bill Clinton held up to the Republican tide and beat Tracy Barusevicius 328 to 228 to hold  his 1st District seat on Upper Providence Council, Delaware County, Pa.

Bill Clinton Wins

Tim Donaghy’s Tell-All Hits Roadblock

Tim Donaghy who grew up in Havertown, was graduated from Cardinal O’Hara and disgraced professional basketball by betting on games and fixing point spreads has had his tell-all book about being a NBA referee hit a roadblock. Tim Donaghy's Tell-All Hits Roadblock

The publication of “Blowing the Whistle: The Culture of Fraud in the NBA” has been canceled by Triumph Books citing libel concerns.

Unfortunately for the NBA that hasn’t stopped excerpts from appearing on the web of which if even 10 percent are true — especially regarding the treatment of Allen Iverson — would drive you to conclude that watching the league is a waste of time.

Tim Donaghy’s Tell-All Hits Roadblock

Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route

Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route  — They are the drives of a lifetime says National Geographic Traveler;  the 50 greatest scenic routes in the world. They include the Almalfi Coast in Italy and rugged lonely Cornwall, England.

And of course Route 1 in Delaware County or part of it anyway.

National Geographic Traveler calls it the Brandywine Valley Drive. It starts at Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square, meanders down Route 52 to The Inn At Montchanin Village in Delaware, then down routes 100 and 141 to the Hagely Museum and Nemours Mansion, then back to Route 52 to Winterthur and then back to Pennsylvania to Route 1 and  Brandywine River Museum, which is in Delaware County,  then back to the Diamond State down Route 141 to the Mount Cuba Center and then to Wilmington, believe it or not. It’s the tax free shopping. Seriously.

So next time you are drumming your fingers at the light at 202 just realize you are about 10 minutes away from one of the 50 greatest scenic routes in the world.

Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route

Brandywine Valley Great Scenic Route

Blind Lawyer, Sex, Credit Card Company

John F. Peoples, a 60-year-old blind lawyer from Broomall, Pa., lost his federal case in Philadelphia, Sept. 22, when  U.S. District Judge Edmund V. Ludwig dismissed the claims of civil rights violations and breach of contract Peoples alleged against Discover Financial Services, and the woman he said he was paying for sex.

About 20 or so years ago, Peoples was known as the blind guy who got around Delaware County by hitchhiking. He still has not lost his self-confidence.

Peoples, in his suit, claimed he paid Ginger Dayle Productions (a Pennsylvania corporation) and New City Stage Company (a trade name) for “services” for March through November 2007 at Ginger’s apartment.

“I paid her and she had sex with me and there was an understanding that it was payment for sex,” Peoples said in deposition.

Well, Peoples said he relied on Ginger to enter agreed upon amounts on his credit card receipts and in several instances she entered larger amounts, which were charged to his Discover Card.

Ginger, btw, says the services were for physical fitness instruction and countersued Peoples saying he made sexual advances and grabbed her without permission.

There were at least 25 transactions that Peoples said was supposed to be at $275 each. He said though that in October and November he was billed for 10 of them at $1,100 and one at $1,600.

People’s told Discover that the overcharges were fraudulent but his claim was not accepted. So, hence the lawsuit against Ginger (and her corporation) and Discover which he claimed failed to live up to its fraud protection policy and to accommodate his disability as per the American With Disabilities Act and other laws. Blind Lawyer, Sex, Credit Card Company

With regard to breach of contract, Discover noted that the purchase of prostitution services is unlawful in Pennsylvania and hence was a violation of the Cardmember Agreement, a point which Ludwig accepted.

Ludwig dismissed the disability claims for a host of reasons.

And once the Discover claims were dismissed, the suit against Ginger Dayle and her countersuit against Peoples were no long a federal matter, and hence dismissed without prejudice. Theoretically they could still end up in state court.

Blind Lawyer, Sex, Credit Card Company

Oprahization Of the Delaware County D.A.

Oprahization Of the Delaware County D.A. — The prosecutors in the Delaware County (Pa) District Attorney’s office seem to be watching Oprah Winfrey when they should be reading Jefferson and Blackstone.

Delaware County Daily Times columnist Gil Spencer had articles, here and here, regarding a father who was brought to trial on various child sex charges solely on the word of a disturbed young neighbor who had a known grudge.

The prosecution had no corroborating evidence and Sherlock Holmes was not needed to see inconsistencies in the girl’s story i.e porn was not found in the house. Nor did there seem to be any consideration — or maybe even investigation — into the history of the accused and accuser, or the accuser’ background.

Fortunately, the jurors had a better understanding of truth and justice than the trained lawyers. The man was acquitted albeit at a cost of $10,000 in legal fees.

And, of course, innocent men can go to jail.

Oprahization Of the Delaware County D.A.

Rodney King To Fight Ex-Cop In Delaware County, Pa.

Rodney King whose rough-handling during arrest was captured on videotape leading to a trial of the officers, their initial acquittal and the L.A. Riot of 1991 will be boxing a yet-to-be identified ex-policemen, Sept. 12, at Celebrity Boxing Federation event at the Maple Zone Sports & Fitness Center in Bethel Township, Pa., in Suburban Philadelphia.

King, 43, who boxed as a youth, has been training in San Bernadino, Ca.

He may be best known for his plea “Can we all get along?” made at the height of the riots.


Rodney King To Fight Ex-Cop In Delaware County, Pa.
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