Delco Finalizes Deal With Broomall’s Lake County Club; Howard Lazurus To Retire As Executive Director

Delco Finalizes Deal With Broomall’s Lake County Club; Howard Lazurus To Retire As Executive Director — Delaware County Council, last night, March 1, announced that an agreement has been finalized with Broomall’s Lake Country Club. The county will not rebuild the dam at the club at 3 State Road, Media; will purchase an easement from the club to conserve open space; and has a deal with it to allow for long term parking there.

Several citizens associated with Glen Providence Park just downstream from the club gave high praise to council.

Also Executive Director Howard S. Lazarus announced that he is retiring March 31. Lazarus held the position for two years.

Council Chairwoman Monica Taylor said the Orange Street parking project will be completed by March 2024 and there is still a lot of lead poisoning occurring in the county.

4 Bridges

Council held the first reading of an ordinance to put weight restrictions on four county bridges. The Mulford Bridge on South Avenue over Muckinpattis Creek in Glenolden will have a weight limit of 13 tons except 24 ton combinations; The Michigan Avenue Bridge over Little Crum Creek in Ridley Township, 12 tons; The Worral Bridge on Paper Mill Road over Darby Creek in Newtown Township, 15 tons except 20 ton cominations; and the Bonemill Bridge on Station Road over Chester Creek in Thornbury Township, 3 tons.


Council approved 25 items by consent including a contract with Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital to provide outpatient services for the treatment of tuberculosis for uninsured or under-insured clients; a contract with McCormick Taylor Inc. for construction inspection service for the replacement of County Bridge #94 on Manchester Road over Ridlge Creek for an amount not exceed $256,565.57; approval of $1,988,635 from the U.S. Department of Labor to support the development and administration of the Delaware County Prison-to-Community Workforce Development Initiative; and approval to enter into an agreement of sale with Briarcliffe Fire Co. for 767 Beech Ave., Darby Township for a county community resource center at price of $705,000.

Public Comments

During public comments Max Orenstein of Lansdowne congratulated the citizens who fought the Broomall’s Lake dam to save Glen Providence Park then asked council to redirect $45 million from building new juvenile prison to fund food for children. He said the federal government will be cutting funding for food for children.

Several citizens also talked about voting issues. Click here for a story.


Council appointed Larry Arata, Marjorie Lehigh, Dina Stonberg, Malcom Yates, Jacqueline Young, Dr. Kevin Caputo, Karen Barnes, Christine Rizzo, Dr. Philip Kim, Mark Lawson and Springfield Police Chief Joseph Daly to the Opioid Task Force with a term ending Feb. 29, 2024.

It appointed G. Alexander Cole to the Delaware County Authority with a term ending Jan. 1, 2024.

It appointed Elizabeth Derickson to the Delaware County Housing authority for a term ending Jan. 1, 2028.

It appointed Leona Torres to the Delaware County Redevelopment Authority to a term ending Oct. 31, 2024.

It appointed Frances Sheehan, Sean McIntosh and James Harper to the Economic Development Oversight Board with a term ending March 31, 2026; and reappointed Elaine Paul Schaefer to the Economic Development Oversight Board to a term ending March 31, 2024.

It appointed Paul Kahan, Twyla Simkins and Alan Derikson to the Heritage Commission with terms ending in September 2023, September 2024 and September 2025 respectively.

It appointed Barron Lacy (1st District) Trish McFarland (2nd District) Parker Snowe (5th District), Bridget O’Donnell (at large) and Kelly Johnson to the Delaware County Parks Board with terms ending March 2026; along with John McMullan to a term ending March 2025.

Delco Finalizes Deal With Broomall's Lake County Club
Delco Finalizes Deal With Broomall’s Lake County Club; Howard Lazurus To Retire As Executive Director

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