Dangerous Trees Of Springfield Pa

Dangerous Trees Of Springfield Pa Traffic Island

This spruce tree on the North Rolling Road “Rock Island” traffic island in Springfield Pa is ready to fall like three of its sisters  have already done.

Several large trees are dead or nearly so in the unit block of North Rolling Road in Springfield Pa in Delaware County.

One is a spruce tree on a township-owned traffic island at the northern tip of Windsor Circle.

Two are oak trees on SEPTA land bordering the Route 101 Trolley Line.

It would be a lot wiser for the trees to be removed now before they crush a car (or pedestrian) or simply fall and block the well-traveled road for a day.

Three of the spruces have already fallen from the traffic island damaging private property.

Dangerous Trees Of Springfield Pa SEPTA 1

This dead and dangerous oak tree on the SEPTA land on North Rolling Road, Springfield has been known to block the sidewalk with its fallen limbs.

Dangerous Trees Of Springfield Pa SEPTA 2

Another dead or near-dead tree on the SEPTA land. What would the township do if these were on private residences?


Dangerous Trees Of Springfield Pa

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  1. The dead trees should be removed and replaced. Replacing them is important. They are an attractive asset to

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