Fake News Sites Being Used By Left?

Fake News Sites Being Used By Left? — We’ve been seeing rather shady stories in our Facebook feed. A claim that Obama has banned the Pledge of Allegiance is one that comes to mind.

Fake News Sites Being Used By Left?
These aren’t Vietnam veterans.

A particularly offensive one was a still from a Ben Stiller comedy with the subjects being identified as Vietnam veterans needing support and asking for shares and likes.

Fake news is a problem in 2016 this website explains and this fake news is being used by progressive trolls to demoralize normal citizens.

A story praising a pro-citizen candidate is not going to help that candidate when it is revealed that it is just one big joke.

Fake News Sites Being Used By Left?



2 thoughts on “Fake News Sites Being Used By Left?”

  1. Well, what do we expect from a society in which a late-night comedy show is considered a news outlet?

    I’ve got my hideout spot already picked out up in Tioga County, for when things collapse.

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