Killion Backs Anti-Woman Bathroom Bill

Killion Backs Anti-Woman Bathroom Bill — State Sen. Tom Killion’s (R-9) latest newsletter contains implicit support along with a distorted description of one of the three “bathroom bills” being considered by the Pennsylvania legislature.

Killion Backs Anti-Woman Bathroom Bill
Anything goes if Sandusky can force working people to pay his $58,000 pension.

Killion describes SB 1307 as “providing for right to freedom”.

Sure. It gives the “right to freedom” for a man wearing a dress to follow a woman into a public bathroom without impedance. It gives the “right to freedom” for a disgruntled employee to “express” him or herself as the opposite sex and insist on privileged accommodations and perhaps even escape termination. It gives the “right to freedom” for a male to compete on a girl’s sports team and share the locker room.

We can safely describe the bill as anti-woman and anti-business.

Here is a link to the newsletter.

The other “bathroom bills” being considered are SB 1306 and SB 1316.

All bills add “sexual orientation, gender identity or expression” to the protected class and define “gender identity or expression” as gender-related identity, appearance, mannerisms, expression or other gender-related characteristics of an individual regardless of the individual’s designated sex at birth.

SB 1307 provides for a little more protection for religious institutions. SB 1316 emphasizes housing a bit more directly. SB 1306 puts its emphasis on business practices. The differences are basically meaningless. None of the bills are necessary and all should die.

Killion Backs Anti-Woman Bathroom Bill

4 thoughts on “Killion Backs Anti-Woman Bathroom Bill”

  1. This just shows that it becomes harder and harder every day to tell the difference between a RINO and the current-day wild left Democrats. Really no difference any more.

  2. This is utterly contemptible legislation from an utterly contemptible legislative body. Science proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, even if a man takes estrogen then has saline bags surgically attached to his chest and surgically removed his penis, he still has xy chromosomes and therefore is still a man.

    I subscribe to Tom Killion’s email newsletter and today’s edition mentioned nothing about this legislation. In addition, both the Harrisburg and Glen Mills offices are going to voicemail, during normal staffed hours I may add.

    I registered my complete disapproval of this flight of fancy legislation via voicemail. Our Commonwealth has serious budget issues, a pension crisis and many other pressing matters that deserve immediate attention.

    I encourage everyone who reads this to call your senator’s office immediately and voice your opinion on this troubling matter.

    1. I stand corrected, upon further scrutiny I did find a reference to sb1307 in Tom Killion’s newsletter, small and vague, yet nonetheless there.

      My oversight however, changes nothing in the argument science not feelings determines if a person is male or female.

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