Fayette County Election Machines Taken To Airport??

Fayette County Election Machines Taken To Airport?? — A request for an emergency injunction was filed this morning, Aug. 31, to stop Faytette County, Pa.’s election machines from being airlifted to parts unknown.

Petitioners are Jon R. Marrietta, Jr., a candidate for Fayette County commissioner, and election integrity activist Gregory Stenstrom.

“Plaintiffs were notified by a whistleblower at the local airport that all Fayette County Voting machines for all 77 precincts are being removed from Fayette County this morning, and a plane large enough to fit all machine and election equipment is waiting on tarmac,” the plaintiffs say.

Faytette County is south of Pittsburgh and Republican stronghold — just like Fulton County, Pa.

Fayette County Election Machines Taken To Airport??

2 thoughts on “Fayette County Election Machines Taken To Airport??”

  1. Upon further investigation, election officials claimed that the machines were taking a quick Labor Day vacation so that they are fully “operational” for the November general elections. Like Pretendisent Biden, these machined require frequent breaks and down time to preserve whatever memory they have left. Unconfirmed rumors are that the voting machines will be vacationing in Rehoboth Beach with the pretendisent and the rest of the Biden crime family.

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