Fourth Springfield High Town Hall Tonight

The fourth of six town hall meetings on the Springfield High School Master Plan will be 7 tonight, Jan, 14, at the Delaware County Intermediate Unit (DCIU), Rooms 171-172, reports Regina Scheerer.

The building is  at 200 Yale Ave., Morton, PA 19070.

This town hall meeting will not be televised live, but will be recorded and available later online at

The agenda is:
Academic & Community Matters
Academic Impacts, Site Circulation/Village Green
Concept Disruption Academic Costs, Community Benefits,
Green Space/Athletics, Sustainability

The town halls, in our view, are an attempt to foist a $144 million edifice called the Saxer Avenue option on the Springfield taxpayer despite the high school property, as of yet, not abutting Saxer Avenue.

Can we call it the Doug Carney Building?

Just kidding.

We have thought long and hard about the matter and have concluded that allocating $10 million for repairs with the specific task of keeping 1,600 students (present student population is 1,204) warm, safe and dry while skilled teachers educate them is more than adequate as it should be obvious that it’s not the building that matters but the personnel.

That should be more than sufficient, assuming inefficiency spawned by corruption doesn’t rear its head, and more than generous.

If inefficiency spawned by corruption does rear its head, then ending that, of course, becomes the priority and the repairs get put on hold.

Fourth Springfield High Town Hall Tonight

Fourth Springfield High Town Hall Tonight concerns the “Master Plan” which is an attempt to foist a $144 million edifice on the Springfield taxpayer.

Fourth Springfield High Town Hall Tonight

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