New York Taxi Driver Names

The five most common first names of New York taxi and limousine drivers are variations of Mohammed, as is the one in 10th place, Mamaoud.

Holding spots 7 through 9 respectively are Abudl, Syed and Ahmed.

In 6th place is Jean.

In spots 11 through 20 are Joseph, Ali, Michael, John, Jose, George, Kahalid, David, Luis and Ibrahim.

The most common last name by far is “Singh”.

The complete list of the top 10 first and last names can be found here.

Mohammed Je Suis Charlie New York Taxi Driver Names

New York Taxi Driver Names

The top five names of New York taxi drivers are variations of Mohammed.

One thought on “New York Taxi Driver Names”

  1. “Na, und?” as the Germans would say.

    “Singh” is a Hindu name, by the way. It is also used by custom by the Sikhs as a surname for men. Sikh women customarily use “Kaur”, meaning “princess”.

    Just in case anyone was about to lament about foreign, particularly Muslim, cabbies.

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