Indicting Mother Teresa Or 3 Felonies A Day

Indicting Mother Teresa Or 3 Felonies A Day — The average American commits three felonies a day according to Harvey Silverglate and this is due to the breadth and vagueness of our laws.

Is this on purpose?

Well, Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds speaking to Mark Levin says that prosecutors in the federal Southern District of New York played a game.

“They would pick some famous person, Mother Teresa, or John Lennon or whoever, and the game was to figure out what you could get on them,” he said. “And then, you got extra points if you picked obscure statutes, like false pretenses on the high seas, or obstructing the mail. But the outcome was always the same — jail time.”

If one of these gamesmen went over anyone’s life with a fine tooth comb they could find something indictable, convict him with a loaded jury, and with a picked judge sentence him to decades.

This is true of you. This is true of President Trump, who appears to have actually won the 2020 election.

The most effective way to save our republic is to speak out and tell the truth.

We must make it impossible for a law to be misunderstood.

We must make lawfare impossible.

Indicting Mother Teresa Or 3 Felonies A Day

Indicting Mother Teresa Or 3 Felonies A Day

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  1. I read Silverglate’s book back in 2009 when it first came out. I knew it was true then but could not have predicted just how prescient it would turn out to be about where we are now. We’re way past indicting ham sandwiches in the brave new world of lawfare we’re living in. The scariest part is how many people still don’t see what’s happening and, instead revel when someone they oppose is destroyed by an out of control government regardless of the truth or the law.

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