Libertarian Seeks Fitzpatrick Seat

Libertarian Seeks Fitzpatrick Seat

By Bob Small

Libertarian Seeks Fitzpatrick Seat

Caroline Avery is a Libertarian who is running for the US House of Representatives in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District. The incumbent is Republican Brian Fitzpatrick. The Democrat candidate is Ashley Ehasz.

Caroline, like too many independent Democrats and Republicans, had her petitions challenged in court, and was not permitted to run as a Republican. However, she secured the Libertarian endorsement to continue her battle against Fitzpatrick.

She is strongly endorsed by the Gun Owners of America (GOA).

“Caroline earned GOA’s support because of her high marks during her rigorous candidate endorsement process, and she earned a 100-percent score on our 2022 gun-rights candidates’ survey,” says the GOA.

And she enthusiastically accepts the endorsement.

“In a time of skyrocketing lawlessness and crime, the far left calls for defunding the police and attacks the rights of law-abiding gun owners. As a strong supporter of our Constitution and the Second Amendment, I won’t stand for it, and I’m proud to be endorsed by Gun Owners of America,” she says.

Gun rights are not her only issue. In a  fiery posting on Facebook, she issues a challenge to Covid treatment orthodoxy, discussing how friends in Australia and Finland were punished for  denying this orthodoxy.

On her website,  she describes herself as a  “world explorer , not a vacationer” and claims to have been in every state except Alaska. She says she is “the daughter of a mastery Gunnery Sergeant who served in WW2, Korea,  and Vietnam”. She goes on to say “I am my father’s daughter” and “I’ve lived a big life”. She cites here work experience as including bartender, a forklift driver, a sales representative for gold and silver smithing industries, and a worker in various jobs in the equine industry.

Her current job is a “buyer of fine antiques and artifacts.”

She and her longtime husband, Joe, live in Bucks County.

The 1st Congressional District has a storied history.

The first man to hold the seat was Federalist Thomas Fitzsimmons, one of the signers of the Constitution, in 1789.

Democratic godfathers Bob Brady and Tom Foglietta served the 1st District when it included South Philadelphia and the Delaware County waterfront.

Of course, so did Michael “Ozzie” Myers of Abscam infamy, (no relation to the slasher in the “Halloween” films), who was one of the few to actually be expelled from Congress.

On June 6th  of this year, he plead guilty to a vote fraud conspiracy.

He was also quoted saying “money talks and bullshit walks” but appears to have stolen that line,  too. 

Also the representing the district was the fictional and hapless Peter Russo, who was suicided by Kevin Spacey in the first season of the House of Cards.

Libertarian Seeks Fitzpatrick Seat

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